Saturday, 26 February 2011

No.7 NOTDs Silver & Beans

You'd  have to be a little dense unfortunate have to repurchase favourite no.7 product at full price. You will have heard from the grapevine (aka Fee from that the legendary Boots No.7 (£5 reduction) vouchers are back. Is it  *just* a very effective ploy to get us down to Boots and buy buy buy lots of products or do no.7 products need a boost anyway and don't sell well? Disappointing sales figures or not for no.7 products, whether you’re an avid fan of the brand, Boots manages to lure us to go to their shop and spend our hard earned pennies and I am the first one to succumb to the temptation.

I cannot help but feeling annoyed at the original prices though. Whatever no.7 product we choose, there will never be one product under £5, and we'll always have to pay at least £1.50. Unless you want yet another no. 7 nail sharpener at £5.75. How many nail sharpeners does one need anyway? I wonder if the face wipes have gone up as well?
Oh I remember the times (before January 2010) when the nail polishes used to be £6 or £6.50. Those times are gone and you have not to fork out £2 to get a nail polish you didn't even want in the first place. If the prices have gone up on all the products, maybe the reduction voucher should have its value increased as well?

Anyway. We are where we are. This week end, I bet some of you will have ended up in a Boot shop without their will and would have inevitably left the shop with some No.7 vouchers ;) What to buy with them? Well for £2, and if you don't already own them you could always get your hands on Night Silver' or ‘Beanie’.

SAM_4381 Image10

I found Beanie a little bit on the thick side for the application but not too troublesome and very decent 'mushroom' brown polish.



And now for Night Silver: very impressive coverage with just one coat. Funny enough, night silver is part of the 'stay perferct' range but I found it more quick drying than the 'speed dry' beanie. I don't usually like high metallic finishes for a polish as I find them streaky, but I didn't have this problem with night silver. You can see some brush strokes but they don’t bug me too much as they are not too overwhelming. I really like this shade actually, it goes with anything, even though it's not a very original shade.


Image23 Image26


Image18 Image27

Do you own No.7 polishes? Have you perhaps blogged about them? Which shades should I buy?


Jenny said...

In my nailpolish challenge post no3, I've got a post about 'Highland Mist' - so overpriced! x

About Makeup Savvy said...

Love No7 polishes - have quite afew but Silver Mercury is my fav.

Really love both polishes on you and your nails look sooo perfect!

Fee x

Emma Greenwood said...

I have 3 posts about No.7 nail polishes - I found the formulation of the Stay Perfect range difficult to work with - did anyone else have this problem? My favourite is Cherry Tang from the Speed Dry range, I also have Milan, Damson Dream, Salsa and Night Silver too. I got them with the £5 off No.7 vouchers! xx

Emma Greenwood said...

P.S. I too have had that problem with Speed Dry - Night Silver definitely dries faster! Night Silver looks lovely with a matte topcoat if anyone's wondering :D xx

Daisy said...

On monday I shall go and get night silver !!

missy_ellie_uk said...

Night Silver looks great! Every single one of my friends seems to own Beanie, but I've never used it. I think the face wipes are over £6.50 now which is bloody ridiculous when you think about it for a pack of face wipes, even if they are only £1.50 with the voucher! It seems like they are doing the vouchers more and more often at the moment, they weren't as frequent as this before.

Beauty Begins said...

Stop showing me nail polishes...You know I have a problem...Im going to have to start living my nail polish obsession through you now.


xmisslorix said...
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xmisslorix said...

I too always seem to come away with a random nail polish because of the boots voucher, I have one just now I need to use up soon so probably will get a new one tomorrow as I have to pop into boots to get a few holiday things,
The night silver is gorgeous, I've always been quite pleased with the no.7 polishes but I'd never buy them full price as they are slightly overpriced.

I'd reccomend Spotlights which you can see here it looks best worn over other colours but its a gorgeous shimmery effect.

Also Milan is a lovely glittery pink but I think it was limited edition.

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