Saturday, 26 February 2011

Free No.7 Autumn Eye palette EOTD

A few months ago, in Autumn 2010, Boots got us to buy their latest mascara (the exceptional definition mascara) by giving away a 4 quad eyeshadow "Shimmer & Define" palette with it. It turns out the mascara was really really decent and even fussy Charlotte Lipglossiping was impressed ;) Like many people, I bought the mascara just to get the free palette. Boots is doing this offer again but this time round with the "Exquisite Curl Mascara"

Should you go and rush to buy the mascara to get your hands with this "free" palette? 


The palette looks absolutely gorgeous. Look at the cool suede effect on top of the shadows, I think they should have called the 'autumn suede' palette. The pigmentation is much better than all the individual eyeshadows I've ever swatched in the shop before (No.17 shadows offer so much better colour pay off).



It's primarily the colour combination which caught my eyes, so I really wanted to do a look incorporating as many colours as I could from the palette. Here are some swatches:


The shimmer jumps out of the page: there's too much of it. It's not chunky, there is no problem of fall out here but all the colours are too shimmery to create a look which is going to work on my eyes. I have very droopy lids, I need to highlight the good bits and make the bad bits (the overlapping droopy lid) recede and this palette is not going to do it any favour. But let's try it anyway for the purpose of ‘swatching’ this palette straight onto my eyes.


To create this look, I used 3 colours out of the 4 contained in the palette. I had to cheat for the highlight though, and used 'vanilla’ from Mac. There is no way I could have used the lighter colour to go all the way up there. There is already too shimmer all around.



My overall opinion: this palette is ok but it's not working for me. The colours could work individually and matched with colours outside this palette, but it defeats the purpose of this palette, whose colour combination drawn me to it in the first place. Just because the palette offers 4 colours doesn't mean you need to use all the 4 colours in the same look, but I would have liked the possibility to do so.

Have you got this palette? Look at me in the eyes and tell me how many times you have used it? x


Galen said...

I have this palette and honestly think that the two darker colours are beautiful and have really nice texture to them.

How many times have I used it? None. Oops...

LilyLipstick said...

The shades look gorgeous - love the look you created. I saw this in Boots today and thought that it did look very shimmery too...not bad for free though! x

Jennifer Leigh said...

Love the look you created! That palette is really pretty and I really like that suede texture too.

Claire@Eyelining said...

Nice look! I do have this palette and although I'm not usualy an all over shimmer girl I can look you in the eyes and say I have used this at least over 5 times for work (which given the rediculous amount of eyeshadow I have is pretty good going). I have teeny tiny eyes so it doesn't look too much on me (I don't think). Generally I use the green over the lid, brown in crease, burgendy on lower lashline and ivory as an inner corner highlight (with something matte on the brow bone). I love it! xxx

missy_ellie_uk said...

I've got this - I've used the plum colour quite a few times but not the others. I got it when there was a No.7 voucher and the mascara, which I think worked out as a reasonable deal overall! :) x

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