Saturday, 19 February 2011

Purple Nails NOTD featuring Beauty UK

There is nothing more frustrating being at a gorgeous event or achieving a beautiful makeup look and being unable to capture its beauty no matter how hard you try. I have experienced that  many times and once again today while trying to share with you the beauty of Beauty UK salon professional nail polish  in shade Purple 14.


I've tried everything: flash, no flash, macro, indoor lighting, natural lighting outside etc : every photo fails to capture the colour of this true gem:
a pink magenta shimmery purple.

Image22 Image23

Instead all I seem to capture is this still beautiful but not accurate bluey purple. Application was very easy, perfect coverage with 2 coats but most of all the most delightful shade of purple which looks like it should cost around £10 rather than £2


Next time you're in superdrug or internationale, pick this little baby up (£1.99 for a whopping 11 ml of product) and appreciate its true beauty. Argh, could kick myself for not having being able to share it with you properly.  Yep, the most difficult thing about beauty blogging is definitely the taking of  pictures.



femketje said...

wow! great colour :D

Louise said...

that is gorgeous x

Primp and Preen said...

I have never managed to take a colour accurate picture of any purple shades that I have and I hear other people doing the same, so don't worry! Great shade x

Sophie said...

Lovely colour!

Ms. Wedgie said...

It's sooooo annoying when you can't capture the true colour of something!! I end up taking a million pictures and then get incredibly grumpy when it doesn't look right!! lol Even if it's not 100% accurate it still looks gorgeous!

WelshBeautyBlog said...

So very impressive for £2...the colour looks beautiful and you have piqued my interest. Will definitely be picking this up to try xx

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