Sunday, 20 February 2011

My mo(i)st repurchased facial wash

Other than the Clearasil sensitive face wash which I have used constantly a good 10 years, my most repurchased facial wash lately has been the Moisturising Deep Clean Foam from Botanics, Boots. I might have purchased this about 6 to 7 times and can't get enough of it and it was high time I devoted a little space for it on my blog. 


This facial wash won't make you look younger, won't exfoliate and will not help you pull men. It just does what it says on the tin: it washes your skin very well and leave it soft and moisturised. I love the delicate fragrance of it. What I love the best when when I rinse it off as I can really feel the smooth moisturising honey gliding off effortlessly.  

Image5 Image6

If you have a dry skin, I would mostly recommend it, for women and men equally as the packaging is nice and discreet. Priced at only £4.07, the 150ml tub will last you forever and always seem to be on a 3 for 2 offer, as it the case at the moment. If I had to be picky and say something negative about it, I’d like to mention the packaging. The very first tub of this which I purchased was a duff one: it was very difficult to get the product out, but I am happy to report that all the subsequent ones I bought were spot on and didn’t have this problem: just a small squeeze on the tube would dispense the product very easily. But again not too easily either. I bought many facial washes in this format (Garnier facial wash and scrub springs to mind) where you have to be very gentle with it and the lightest touch would release some product and where you would always find some product deposited in the cap, whilst you have not used it and left it alone.

A pump for this product would be absolutely  ideal for me and a miniature and easy refillable travel size would be the cherry on the cake.



beautydiarist said...

I think you should do more skin care posts, you have beautiful skin and I am such a nose that I love looking at what people use and why they use them. I love all your posts anyway, they cheer me up with their brightness of colour and thoughtful words, and the photos are great. Thankyou for this. Jan x

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