Sunday, 27 March 2011

Catwalk False Lashes by BeautyUK


False Lashes are probably definitely my favourite 'makeup item'. I've been trying lots of Beautyuk products lately and when I heard they were releasing some false lashes, I couldn't wait to try some and purchased the 'catwalk' set of false lashes at £3.99 from the website.


This was the first time I ordered some beautyuk items from the website. I paid £1.75 for first class delivery and my order reached me in no time at all. I was pleasantly surprised and received a discount voucher for a future purchase. The second surprise was the size of the box of lashes: I bet you could actually fit one of their eyeshadow palettes in there, the box was huge, complete with fully detailed instructions on how to apply them on. Did I read the instructions? Of course, not. I was too impatient to put them on.


The second thing I've noticed is how slightly uneven they are. You'll see that the right hand side differ a bit from the left hand side and vice versa. What you lose in symmetry is gained however in 'natural looking effect' of the lashes. The lashes are very long (perhaps longer than the lashes I am used to wear) but also very light, and once they're on and you can hardly feel they are there.


As for the application, as with 99% most of the false lashes I needed to trim them from the outside corner so that they can fit my small eyes. The lash band is very thin and very flexible and you'll have no problem putting them on. The vertical curl on these lashes is absolutely superb and they instantly lift your eyes. I bought many lashes before (corner eye lashes from nyx from the top of my head) that just won't cut it: as they're so straight, you wonder why you put them on in the first place.



how ridiculous do my bare lashes look, seriously. If nothing else, this should boost your self esteem ^_^


However, the fussy false eyelash lover in me was slightly disappointed with the horizontal curvature of the lashes. When I took them off from their support, they felt a bit straight and not as curvy as my beloved eylure 101. This was not a problem because the lashline is very thin and very flexible but if the lashline had been a bit thicker, I could have seen myself having to spend a bit more time trying to make them 'marry' the curve of my lashline.



Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase. The Catwalk lashes are a bit longer than I would personally usually go for but oh boy, they gave me such drama, I can't wait to wear them again. I hope beautyuk will make them available in Superdrug soon.

how much: £3.99
where to buy: online at (accessories section)
disclaimer: I bought these lashes myself.


femketje said...

those are really pretty :D

girlinthecity said...

just stunning - I can't believe how perfectly you have applied them (from the photograph of you with no colour on your eyes) - I can never get them quite close enough to my lash line.

the purples look beautiful on too x

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I like these - when I saw them on the pic of the box I thought "hmm, I won't like these" but they look lovely on!

destroydj0503 said...

they look so pretty on you im so happy for you sweetie xx

LOIS said...

I wonder what people would say if I walked around with only one fake lash (yes this is the singular form, because L is for Lois). I'm inspired to try it out. Those lashes actually have a really nice shape. If I should try out fake lashes i'd pick these. They looke really good on you!
Love L, L is for Lois x)

Anonymous said...

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