Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Dusk about Barry M : Hype and Sensitivity around dupes


When someone decides to make a remix of a popular track and commercialise it, they usually need to ask permission to the author and pay some rights. From this alone, I reckon, ABBA must be absolutely minted and probably never have to work again. But how does it work when a makeup company decides to recreate a popular makeup product from a very well known brand? How did it work for example, when Models Own recreated 3 shades from Chanel Khaki Collection and many companies (Barry M, Models Own, Revlon, and lately Asda to name a few) took their take on Chanel Paradoxal? Did they need to pay rights to Chanel? Did they need to ask permission beforehand? If this is the case, how long after the public release of the original brand do they need to wait before the release of their duplicate? Is this detrimental to brand or highlighting the pure genius of a brand, who ‘inspired’ so many companies. 

When Chanel released their Paradoxal Nail Polish on that Friday 13 August, I am not sure anybody was ready for the stir it was going to create among the blogosphere and makeup lovers around the globe. For the purpose of this blogpost, and by curiosity, I wanted to track down the actual date when Barry M released their version of Chanel Paradoxal, their 'Dusky Mauve' but I hurt a brick wall. I googled first of all in the hope to find an answer, but alas with no success. Then I tried to see which blogger blogged about it first to see if they had the answer, again no luck there.

So I bit the bullet, the horn and everything (however the expression goes) and decided to ring Barry M to see if they would tell me. Another brick wall. The lady was nice enough but terribly protective of the information: 

'Why do you want this information' she asked.
Me: 'Oh just by curiosity' Her: 'Please give me a moment'.
At her return: 'We're not able to give you this information'.
Me: 'Oh, is that because you don't know or you are not allowed to tell me'?.
She goes: 'Well it depends why you need this information for'.
I went 'Oh i have this small blog on internet and I wanted to provide this information for my readers'.
'Oh' she says (tone of voice changes as it is now more acceptable to ask)

So this is when I asked myself 'what does it matter why i want to know this information for? The date is not to going to change depending on what I know to know it more, does it?

Anyway, she comes back and says something like

'It was in September'.
Me 'Thank you, would you have the exact date please?'
She goes 'We can't give you this information'.
Me again 'Is that because you don't know or you're not allowed to say'.
Her: We're not allowed to say.

I thanked her, and ended the conversation.

My google researches already led me to end of September, all I wanted to know was the exact date. Why so much secrecy? Maybe the lady didn't know and didn't have the courage to say 'To be honest, I haven't got a clue'.
Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that it's a dupe of Chanel Paradoxal and there is some senstivity there?
Meh, I don't know.

Very late after the party, these are my swatches of the much talked about and very difficult to source, Barry M, Dusky Mauve released at some undefined date at the very end of September but which really took the blogosphere by a storm during the month of October.


Is it worth the hype?

As my friend ellie said, I think this polish has been a bit too overhyped. It is nonetheless a gorgeous colour on the following conditions: If you're after this polish to admire this gorgeous & precious light purple shimmer shining through it, then don't bother. You'll have a nightmare to:

  1. capture it on photos, and facing a dilemma trying to share with others its elusive beauty.
  2. actually see that shimmer for yourself.

The reality of this polish is that it's a dusky mauve and that's that. Buying this polish to see the gorgeous shimmer in it, it's like going to the cinema to see a 3 hours movie to see a fleeting 2 seconds appearance of your favourite actor. I saw that shimmer, and it really fascinated me, but the following day it was gone, in the same manner as the freshly polished lustre of any polish would go after 1 day. Even during that one day, I was failing to see that gorgeous shimmer, in most lighting conditions my nails were exposed to.


Am I glad I bought this polish? Hell yeah. I am 500% happy with it and I love it to bits, but I accept it for what it is: a greyish purple, a stunning one, but with not much chance to see that most talked about shimmer in it. I am a big fan of Barry M polishes (their formula, ease of application and amazing bargain price {£2.99} and value for money) but there are not many shades for me (too many cremes, not enough shimmers and duochromes) so Dusky Mauve for me is a delight and was a very welcome and unique addition to my growing collection of nail polishes.


Is it worth ruining a friendship? Definitely not. If you see it in your local Boots or Superdrug, get it, this polish will enchant you. I am totally under the charm.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, and I see where you're coming from - it's such a cheek of other companies to prey on Chanel, who have a famous luxury pricetag, in order to create a run-of-the-mill catastrophic moral dilemma. Chanel may be around 6times more pricey than BarryM, but I honestly don't see the hype around this colour. It's nice, but nothing that special, imo. Plus I'm pretty sure it'd clash horrifically with my pink hands, so it's not been on my radar except for in the gazillions of RAVE POSTS *shudders* x

PinkSweetSz said...

I love it!! Check out Beauty and the Blogs version of It with Models own Pearly Queen!! Now thats Something to want!! x

Leanne OCD said...

Lady you are missing a trick. You need a career in investigative journalism! LOL What a great post.x

Perdita said...

With a colour or finish, I am hesitant to liken it to ripping off a song or lyrics. It is the nature of fashion and always has been... Chanel will have anticipated this (it's been happening since before Chanel existed, indeed was it not Coco herself who triggered such irreverant Parisian tips as taking a cheap jacket and the salvaged buttons from a couture items and combining the two?) and I doubt they feel upset by it.

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

You could talk about 'dupe' packaging too (or near enough) with practically every brand ripping off Soap & Glory and Benefit. Or high street fashion labels (who all rip off designer labels AND each other). Really, it's to be expected. I agree it wasn't worth the hype, though!

My Lips But Better said...

The polishes were so exactly the same that I wonder if they were made by the same manufacturer!

LOIS said...

I really love this color. The combination of chocolate brown and purple shinystuff (well it's not glitter, it's shiny.. oh you know what I mean xD) is brilliant. I'm digging it :)
Love Lois xxx

Sherrie said...

I have this and totally forgot I did, I still havent used it yet! Thanks I will be digging this out tonight! x

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