Saturday, 26 March 2011

Lusting over Spring Offerings from Gosh

Gosh Cosmetics has decided to celebrate Spring with a bang and has released lots of funky new products. A new foundation primer (now cream instead of a yukkygreasy gel) a cute brow kit, lip marker pens, mono eyeshadows, limited editi0ns nail polishes, and last but not least a range of long lasting eyeliners. As if this was not good news enough, Gosh is on 3 for 2 at the moment, so there could not be a better time to pop down to your local Superdrug and sample/get some Gosh.

I am personally on a forced 'stop buying everything that you see' ban at moment and until further notice but that doesn't mean I can't lust and blog about it, right?

Feast your eyes on these new limited edition nail polishes. I absolutely love the design on the bottle and the colours of course. If money was not so tight at the moment, I would have definitely indulged and got home with 'groovy grey'. Misty Mauve is good idea, but I am wondering if it's just your average lilac, and if it's too clean and not greyish enough to tempt me. All these are priced at £4.99. They also released a matte top coat (Matt 604 - non photographed) but my Superdrug had none of them in stock.  


I wanted to show you quick swatches of the brand new mono shadows Gosh has released here. The colours seem to be a bit more pigmented than your average trio from Gosh but I am not too blown away. From what I gathered these shades just have boring numbers for names (from 001 to 008). My favourites are the lime green (001) the golden brown (003) and the golden peach (007)


And last but not least, and my favourite from all the gosh new releases, these new "Super long wear long lasting eyeliners" priced at £5.99. They feel a bit runny on application, but once they're on, they're on and they don't budge. The colours are great despite once again, very unimaginative names and the applicator nib makes the application like an easy walk in the park .

If you are a fan of the Gosh extreme art liner already, you'll definitely want to try those and you’ll probably like these better, precisely because of the great pointy nib, rather than the brush of the art liners.  (Man, how bad was the English of that sentence, I hope you understand what I mean) x


Some selected swatches for you:
From left to right: the green, turquoise, brown and grey, photographed in natural daylight.


I could have seen myself going home with these four amazing shades but if I had to pick just one, it would have been the turquoise, which a is a lovely mix of turquoise and hints of copper running through it. Here you see it in mid afternoon light, in the shade, without flash.


Any of these new products from Gosh tempt you? I am very curious to try the new cream face primer. I really really disliked their existing primer, it felt so greasy!

Where to buy: Superdrug
How much: eyeliner £5.99, nail polish £4.99, eyeshadow:?


Grace London said...

oooooh, I do like the look of that turquoise liner.

jobetterdays said...

I really like the green liner! I was in superdrug today and didn't see them! I see a trip back tomorrow now!

Lyuba-chan said...

I love their current primer, but I also want to try the new one. :)

Bon Vivant Clique said...

That turquoise eyeliner is lovely! Maybe check online if your local superdrug doesn't have the top coat. I usually end up having to buy online since my local store is naff!

Love J.

girlinthecity said...

ooh, I bought the grey and pink limited editions, and top coat too, on the 3 for 2.

wearing the grey this weekend - it's gorgeous, and applies like a dream. have taken some pics to post up (probably tomorrow)

a x

femketje said...

looks great :D

Emma Greenwood said...

How funny, I bought the Lavender Love nail polish today, I love the colour but not the formulation, total nightmare :| might just be the one I bought but a word to the wise, maybe try in the shop if no-one's looking ;) xx

socialitedreams said...

groovy grey and the silver liner looks incredible...i love it


Aphrosie said...

ooohhh I absolutely NEED Lavender Love! Gorgeous Shade. :)

Kelly said...

I was naughty and got all the nail polishes. And yes I know I have a problem!

Kelly x

KatXoXo said...

I just saw there stuff in store and it all looks so pretty!

Adrienne said...

ugh i dunno what 3 polishes to pick they are all gorge! Your right the turquiose liner is by far the prettiest :) x

Sara.H said...

The liners and the nail colors look gorgeous. So want to try them :)

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