Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In love with the Amazon: Review of the Amazon Combo Palette (Beautyuk) and Eotd (makeup look)


Forget everything I have said before about my favourite eyeshadow palette from BeautyUK, this 'Amazon' combo eye shadow and eyeliner palette is my new unexpected favourite of them all. Unexpected as I never planned to buy this palette at all. For one, I never use cream/gel liner. Segundo, the photos from the website had never been very appealing to me. I knew I liked what I thought to be the red eyeshadow in the palette, but other than that, I was not too bothered to be honest.


This was until I saw the palette in real life in Superdrug and I just had to have it. What I thought to be the red eyeshadow - the sole object of my desire from this palette - turned out to be the most gorgeous orangey coppery shadow and had my name on it. It was also the first time I had ever seen this palette in real life, they only had that one, looking at me with its puppy eyes and it was no brainer: get it before nobody else does. I am glad I didn't have to use force.


So this palette boasts 6 soft eyeshadows with a soft and not overpowering shimmer, 2 cream eyeliners and a double ended applicator thingy: on one end a fluffy brush and on the other an eyeliner brush, all this packed all neatly in the usual beautyuk palette.


And now swatches time. How gorgeous is this! Yes, I was a bit disappointed at first that there was no red eyeshadow, but this was until I saw what is the star of this palette for me: this orangey copper shadow. no other word to describe it other than WOW. My second favourite eyeshadow is the gold, and then all the others which complement each other very well.

I need to stress out again that the shimmer of all these shadows is very easy to work with and that droopy eyelids like me can ever wear in and above the crease. 


Now for the liners. Let's not beat around the bush. They are hardly going to replace my trusty liquid eyeliner from H&M. I like my upper lid eyeliner to be very black and sharp, which I don't think I will achieve with these. However, these would be good if you want to achieve a softer or even smokey eyeliner look. 


The other surprise from the palette was the brush. I was ready to ignore it completely as most of the time, the little applicators/brush which come with palettes are just, well, a bit useless to be blunt. The eyeliner side is actually really good and I used it in my look today to apply some eyeliner on my bottom lash line. As for the fluffy brush, it is actually really soft and I used it to define my crease and I am beyond chuffed with that.


For the look today, I used all the eyeshadows in the palette apart from the brown on the right hand side and the black eyeliner on the lower lashline, applied with the eyeliner brush provided.



I absolutely love this palette and at £3.99 what a bargain. The copper eyeshadow alone is worth £3.99 and more.


Oh and this is the first picture I have taken with my shorter hair. I had a hair cut last Thursday and had about 10 to 15 cms removed!


Edit. Addendum. OMG. Where has my head gone? I can't believe I nearly forgot to post this. You will know from my blog that I am a big fan of beautyuk nail polishes. Check out these new babies due to be released on April 13th. If you're impatient like me, you might want to follow @blissmag on twitter as they were sent these exclusive polishes before anybody else. A little bird tells me they might want to paint and tweet soon...


Louise said...

Amazing look as per usual :) the coppery colour is gorgeous

Hannah said...

That is stunning! I wish Beauty UK was stocked in my local Superdrug :o( xxx

liloo said...

@hannah @louise thank you xx

Anonymous said...

Those colours so suit you. They look so pretty.


missy_ellie_uk said...

Very nice! Love the copper colour. Your hair looks great - I had about that much off mine recently and I'm missing it, but not the split ends :) x

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