Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rant for petite posh pastel perfectly p*ssed off nails

If you are a die hard fan of Eyeko, you might want to turn away now. I have had a truly horrible day today, and today might not the right moment to have a rant when I am all fuelled up and worked up, but I need to let it out. 


As I was in the middle of an eyeko project (I was in the process of swatching all the 4 four nail polishes I had and make a little collection post) I wanted to double check the prices of the nail polishes. To my horror, I found that all the polishes (tiny bottles of 7 ml) are now sold at £5 (very recently previously priced at £3.50)

Now bad enough the absolute rip-off scandal about commissions, but now this sudden increase and without any warning? Now it would have been courteous to be advised of the price raise, and then I could have stocked up on polishes as I absolutely ADORE the polishes to bits (well the 4 I have tried anyway)

Then, to top it all up, we have their new policy on delivery.

UK and EU orders will be delivered FREE of charge by Royal Mail standard service if you have chosen FREE SHIPPING. This type of order won't have a tracking code available and claims for loss or damage cannot be entertained. 
We would highly recommend the use of registered shipping for all orders. Registered shipping to UK costs £2.50 and Europe costs 5 EUROS.

Maybe the rise in price of the products is to cover free delivery? It doesn't seem fair to me when all the polishes have gone up by £1.50 each to pay for a “free delivery”. And then, they strongly recommend you not to choose the free delivery service as they will refuse to accept any responsibility if it gets lost. Are we being screwed or are we being screwed here or what?

I once bought some concert tickets with normal first class post delivery at £1.50, where there was a similar warning about refusal to take responsibility in parcel gets lost. Other service available was Next Day delivery at something like £7. Of course there was no way I was going to pay for a concert ticket, worth £12 and pay an additional half of that in postage. So what do you know, I never received the tickets. Fortunately I was able to have another re issued and was able to go to my gig.

If you didn't know before 'eyeko' in Japanese, means 'love'. What's the Japanese for 'taking the p*ss'? Because I think this would be a more appropriate name.


Anonymous said...

My gosh, this is ludicrus. To think I was contemplating buying a polish at £4 last week and now it's increased, I mean wtf?! x

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

They've always had free UK postage (even with the products at £3 whatever), so I don't know what the reason for the price increase is.


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Even the extra they're making isn't going to postage since postage has always been free in Europe! I thought the price increase was ludicrous too, maybe Eyeko haven't realised that everyone bought from them BECAUSE they were/ are cheap.

birminghamlady said...

oooohhh, i just have to tell you my story! so sorry, but this will be a long comment!
After reading tons of stuff about Eyeko on the internet, I just had to get some of their stuff! I had no job, but decided to get a treat for Xmas and ordered from them! The same as many may have did - I chose the free shipping. It was my first order and had to receive my ambassador gift too. So what do you know?! My order did not arrive!
I e-mailed them,they said they could do nothing, as I've chosen the free shipping. I now find out that they have absolutely no right to do that. It's the UK law. How was I to even know they have actually sent the products?
I was really poor and super angry so I sent them an e-mail saying that what they did was an absolute rip-off and that this was my only Xmas present (and I paid a small fortune for it). I mean, let's face it, their products are (I was to know) super small and the prices are not quite justified. They did not answer for two weeks.
I was super mad. I wrote an e-mail asking what kind of customer service was that that only dealt with happy customers and left the angry ones to rot? Well, to my surprise, they said they'd going to resend my order -I cite - "out of good will". Honestly, this is not good will as long as I paid for everything! SO really, they could as well f*** off. When my order arrived, there was no trace of my ambassador gift. I e-mailed them back and they said they'd send it to me with my next order if I used one of their ambassador codes. So guess what, I deleted my ambassador code from my blog and I will never order from them again. They are absolutely ridiculous and quite rude, to be honest. Out of good will??!? Are you kidding me?! So yeah, there you go! MY side of the Eyeko story! :P

Anonymous said...

@birminghamlady That's shocking! i personally have fallen out with Eyeko, over the whole scandal about comission etc, so they were already in my bad books! thats ridiculous!

Liloo, I totally agree with your post. Go on gurrrl! haha xxxx

birminghamlady said...

haha, i know! i was absolutely shocked myself! oh well! it's not very comforting that i am not the only one who is not pleased with them anymore! gah!

Amina said...

omg i am appauled reading all these comments, definitely not a fan of companies and bad service such a scandal!! i bet they r going to blame on the tax rise - i noticed alot of companies have raised the prices way above the 2.5 rise - ridiculous! u have every right to rant - wat a rip off!

Karleigh said...

I hate Eyeko, bad customer service, bad PR and bad products. Hopefully this price hike will kill them off for good.

snooze said...

Well said. I've always loved their polishes, but for that price I can get a china glaze polish.

Ms. Wedgie said...

The way they promote themselves generally is irritating and annoying!! In fact...your post combined with the whole commission debacle has made me decide to get rid of the Eyeko code from my blog!! I do like a couple of their products, but on the whole the majority of their stuff is pretty average and definitely not worthy of any kind of price increase! BOOOOOOO to Eyeko!!

Hannah said...

That is terrible customer service, especially since you can buy a Models Own polish that is 14ml (i think) for a fiver also! I hate the way they are almost scaring you into buying the expensive delivery option, which is no doubt making them a tidy little profit. Disgraceful :o) xxx

Carly said...

I took that code off my blog ages ago when they sent me a card saying I have to update with eyeko products on my blog every 2 weeks. They then said they didnt say that but it was written on the card. I thought sod right off, i dont think they know how the whole blog thing works. You dont tell people when, where and how often to mention they're items. As for £5 for the nail polish! no chance. JOG ON x

Yu said...

Eyeko doesn't actually mean love in Japanese, it's ridiculous. Their company policies, including the Ambassador thing is ridiculous.

Perfectly Polished said...

absolutely ridiculous...i wonder how many people actually get sent their free postage items! shame as I like their products too :( x

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