Saturday, 19 March 2011

Last Call nails from Nina Ultra Pro

Put a gold shimmer in any nail polish and it's a thumbs up for me. Put a gold shimmer in an amazing easy to apply and smooth formula and wrap it in a 15ml bottle and sell it at £3.89 and I am in love. Meet my latest addition to my little nail polish collection: Last Call from Nina Ultra Pro.


Until a few days ago, I had not even heard of Nina Ultra Pro. When looking for a China Glaze nail polish (one of the gems of the discontinued OMG holographic collection) on Sallys Express website, I came across the brand Nina ultra pro. A quick search into google brought me to a picture of someone's nails wearing 'Last Call'. I was sold right away and I just had to pop down to my local Sallys and get it.



'Last call' is delightful purply wine polish infused with gold. The application is just so easy, not a bubble, streak, patch in sight and I can't believe this has not been talked about more in the blogosphere. Needless to say that I've got my eyes on many more polishes from the brand. 'Mossy Britches' and 'Maple Syrup' are now on my lust list. 


Have you tried anything from the brand?

How much: £3.89
Where to buy: Sallys Stores, or online


Beauty Begins said...

£3.89! £3.89! And that pretty!! Oh lawd its beautiful.

Looks divine on your nails.

Am I blind? Why I havent I seen these in Sallys? I clearly need to remove my eye balls from my ass, and pick some of these up next time Im in Sallys!


Carlito86 said...

I've tried one...a black one and it was RUBBISH. Don't buy it if you see it, it was so sheer and hard to work with, I wanted a really thick kind of black so I could use my Konad and I was so disappointed. xxx

Sue said...

Such a pretty purple! I like!

femketje said...

gorgeous polish :D

Hollie said...

Love that colour!

Hollie x

EsteeDarla said...

omg this is so un believable gorgeous

Ana said...

Wow, this is one of the prettiest polishes I've seen in the last ...
And it's looks like it's a dream to apply, good photos.

People really go for a hyped brand and stick to them.
I'll be watching out for these :) .

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