Saturday, 12 March 2011

Speechless Saturday (well nearly…)



Good job, those women tried the product on both eyes, imagine the uneven effect *cough*
This was supposed to be one of these ‘wordless wednesdays’ à la lipglossiping and bicky, but I just can’t help saying something. On these photos it actually look like the AFTER picture was the BEFORE picture and that the ageing/wrinkles were added afterwards. I mean, look at the woman on the picture right above, who gets overlapping hanging skin like that just located in the inner corner. Never seen anything like it before in my life.

Radialabs: you’re letting yourself down. Your pictures are so unrealistic that it really puts me off.


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Lmfao. This come under both 'How NOT to advertise...anything' and 'How NOT to do a Photoshop job.' Oh dear Lord - are they actually being serious?!

MissJodieElizabeth said...

That is really badly edited! Like common! I agree with you I think the after was the original photo and the before was severely edited

Grace London said...

What I'm most impressed with is how the wrinkle reducer also managed to perform rhinoplasty on the little bump on the bridge of the lady on the left's nose.

*rolls eyes*

Robyn said...

The close up of the before eye looks a bit... well... The before pics are probably shopped too!

Jo said...

Hahaha - this one of the most ridiculous adverts i've seen for ages, i thought brands were trying to come across as more believeable these days?? What were they saying at the photo-edit? "MORE SAG, MORE SAG"?? Hmmmm.

Chelsey said...

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