Saturday, 30 April 2011

The best of the Royal Wedding? YOUR tweets

I was NOT planning to watch the Royal Wedding. I was planning even less to write something about it. I woke up this afternoon with the firm intention of not switching on the tv and be a grumpy sod all day. But then I came on twitter and couldn't escape the buzz around royal wedding and your hilarious running commentary of it. So I thought I might just as well join in, watch the wretched wedding and enjoy your entertaining tweets. Here are some of my favourites:



I totally didn't expect the royal bride to do her own makeup, especially when knowing that probably every country in the world would watch it (what a pressure). Some of you remember the cliché but adorable wave off to the crowd in that Aston Martin, as their favourite moment of the day

thesun mirror


Or perhaps was it the reveal of the dress which excited most people and if the evening one was a bit more fun than the day one Zzzzzz

That poor little girl on the balcony will never hear the end of it…

tv crunch - grumpy-flower-girl-prince-william-kate-middleton-kiss-balcony 

but for me the best moment were your tweets. You lot cheer me up, you really do.
How did you spend today? Did you watch any of it at all? If you did, what was your best moment?


esteeem said...

LOL yeah I didnt get to watch a lot of the wedding but the tweets kept me aptly informed haha!


Justine (Productrater) said...

I loved watching the tweets as much as I did the wedding itself. And that little girl on the balcony omg.

Natalie@pixielashes said...

haha glad you liked my Tweet :) I was just as glued to Twitter as I was to the wedding! I loved your tweet about Kate wanting a Greggs pasty!!! :D xxx

Georgia said...

I watched until the bit where that pedo looking bishop guy started waffling about marriage. I had enough, I mean what does he know about marriage? He knows about sex but thats the illegal kind with little boys.

Then I went for a wee (which I had held in for hours) and put katie prices show on that I had taped.

Then I watched come dine with me ALL day. It was cool and that but lets be honest, everything after the "I do's" was tedious at best.


About Makeup Savvy said...

Love reading these Twitter posts you do - always really interesting & fun!

You ARE the Twitter Queen :)

Fee x

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