Saturday, 30 April 2011

Her makeup on her big day ... seen by YOU

Well, well, well, we were not expecting that were we. There has been speculations on what dress the bride of the year would be wearing, what perfume and nail polish would be appropriate for the day she would be wearing, makeup companies from right, left, centre being inspired by the big occasion but no one was expecting Kate Middleton would actually be doing her own makeup.


We were all bit surprised at hearing the news, especially the makeup enthusiasts I follow on twitter and this is what some of you felt on the matter:


I personally couldn't tell the difference and her makeup (although a bit boring to me, then again most of wedding and day makeup are a bit boring to me) looked very apt for the occasion. Which left me wondering:
Would you do your own makeup
for your big day?

And this is what some of you had to say on the question:


I was quite surprised to hear that some of you would rather do your own, rather than leaving it to the hands of an experienced makeup artist. Personally, getting the makeup done is the best bit about a big occasion, whether it'd be a wedding or Halloween even. 

What about you?
What did you think of Kate’s makeup?
Would you have the guts to do it yourself?


Would you  go matchy matchy and wear blue eyeshadow to match your outfit, like Margarethe, The Queen of Denmark? This reminds me, I must try this wahanda kit I bought sometime ago… :P


Jinz said...

I don't see the big fuss. I'm glad she did her own thing. I would have done my own too:)

Justine (Productrater) said...

I think she looked nice, of course she could of had anyone in the world do it, maybe she is just that picky.

ashlie said...

I think her makeup looked perfect! xx

Jen said...

I think it looked lovely! I also did my own wedding make up, I think its better. You want to look like yourself not someone your husband to be doesn't recognise. And I used a Maybelline foundation shock horror!

Charlie said...

Love both your wedding posts xxx

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I think this is ace, good on her for doing her own makeup, I think it looks good and not too much. I wouldn't do my own, basically because I have no makeup skills but I suspect I might be a bit of a bridezilla so god help the make up artist!

Fum said...

When I got married I did my own. Did my own hair too!

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