Friday, 8 April 2011

Champagnes and Roses NOTD

What a fancy title for something which is not really exciting. Please forgive me. About 2 weeks ago, I shared with you my own knock off version of Models Own 'Golden Peach', a miniature polish part of an ridiculous cheap set of 3 polishes (£1.49 to be precise).


I was never going to play with the other 2 polishes from the set, until my friend Sinead from Dainty Dolly Mix asked how I went along with them. So I thought I would quickly swatch them for you.

The first one is a lovely champagne gold. As with Golden Peach, this polish absolutely pongs (is that the right word) but the colour makes up for it. Application was tedious, as it took 4 coats to achieve the coverage you see on the pictures. overall, this polish is definitely worth £0.49p but I would love to find a better quality equivalent for it. The scent is so strong and going through 4 coats of this is not what I would call a pleasurable experience.



The red is not my favourite kind of shade. This is a browny red and I much prefer my red to be brighter. Streaky application, strong scent added to a colour which is just decent would probably lead this polish straight into the bin. I have more delightful red polishes in my collection and I don't really this one.



All in all, Champagne Gold and Browny Red didn't even measure up to the beauty of Golden Peach and the latter will always be my favourite from the set.



*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

Ahh bless you for the mention you little sweetheart :) mwah!

Fab blog post - i am super jealous of your gorgeous nails!

Your right, i dont think these 2 colours compare to the gorgeous golden peach dupe but i think that colour in itself is worth the £1.49 you paid for all 3 :) Although i do love the gold and browny red on your beautiful nails!

Thank you for the swatches lovely, i think i need to hunt these down in body care! Although like you said, 4 coats really isnt a pleasurable experience :)

Great post lovely lady xxxx

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

I said it before when you first posted the golden peach dupe - but it is gorgeoooouuuus! *Drools*

LOIS said...

I love champagne gold! But you are right, nothing beats Golden Peach :)
Great swatch!
Love Lois xxx

missy_ellie_uk said...

The champagne one is gorgeous - 4 coats is hard work though! x

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