Sunday, 13 March 2011

A dupe of Models Own 'Golden Peach' at £0.49?

My blog is rapidly turning into 'let me buy all the cheap tat in the shops, so that you don't have to'. Inspired by friend Debbie who discovered some bargains at bodycare, I stumbled on a trio of mini polishes (7ml in each bottle), and right in the middle of this trio, this peachy polish infused with gold, which reminded me straight away of Models Own Golden Peach, one of many items on my ever expanding wishlist.



This trio was priced at £1.49, making this little sexy number just costing £0.49. At this price, even if I get 5 manicures with it, I'll be happy. The first swipe on my nails and it was love at first sight and I just couldn't wait to pait all my other nails with it and show it to you. Application was a breeze despite a very sheer formula. Here you can see 2 coats applied over a nude polish, the same one as normal, misscellaneous from missguided yadi yada *yawn*. I must buy another nude polish because at this rate, I am going to run out by the end of the month.


Love at first SIGHT but definitely not love at first SNIFF: I'm not sure what they put in there but, boy, 'goldy peachy' as I would like to call it stinks the place out. I actually usually love the smell of the chemicals in the polishes but this is a different story altogether and it reminded me a bit of the smell of a freshly painted bench.


Overall opinion: other than being impatient at the nail polish to dry so that the nail polish diminishes in smell power, I am very happy with my little bargain and until I can afford it, this will be my very own models own golden peach to keep and enjoy.



Jenny said...

That's such a pretty polish! x

*Dainty*Dollymix* said...

The colour of this is absolutely gorgeous! I think i need to get to bodycare asap! £1.49 for 3 nail polishes is amazing! Would love to see how you get on with the other 2 colours! xxx

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

'My blog is rapidly turning into 'let me buy all the cheap tat in the shops, so that you don't have to'

Ahaha, mine too! Gotta love some cheap tat. Eitherway, that is a gorgeous colour! I'd seen the Technic stuff in there before but never bought any.

miss.makeupp said...

That's really pretty xx

Joanna Louise said...

That is such a pretty colour! I love it! and hey im always up for buying cheap things! You never know when you might just come across a great bargain! x

Beauty Begins said...

What can I say, Im a bodycare cheap tart =)

This looks just peachy!


LauraEve said...

I tried a nail polish from the 'chit chat' brand in poundland and it smelt seriously funky! must be a common in (extra) cheapo polishes!

nicoletta said...

I love the look of this im going to splurge and get this :)

KatXoXo said...

love the color! so unique!

stun the world said...

that's just like Elf's coral. Exactly the same. :D xx

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