Sunday, 17 April 2011

Cotton Candy, Frozen Kingdom & Gunmetal - NOTDs

Today has been another amazing day of sunshine: not at as warm as last week end, but the lighting has absolutely phenomenal and I just couldn’t wait to play with my new nail polishes from BeautyUK and pap away. Now don’t get used to it, as this was very exceptional and I will continue to take most of my nail photos in artificial lighting. 

Beautyuk has released 6 gorgeous shades about a week ago. Today, I would like to show you part 2 with Cotton Candy, Gunmetal and Frozen Kingdom.


One of the most popular shades of nail polishes at BeautyUK is ‘smokey lilac’. If you like smokey lilac, chances are you’re going to like this one too. This is COTTON CANDY, a lovely frosty lilac. I usually prefer shimmery finishes over frosty ones but this one took me by surprise. I was expecting a very messy application with very apparent brushstrokes marks.



Instead I had a very easy application, minimal brushstrokes marks and a perfect opacity achieved in 2 coats. I took about a million pictures today, indoor and outdoor, which made the task of shortlisting pictures even more than difficult. So please excuse the ‘tsunami’ of photos.



Next, we have GUNMETAL,which is well … a dark gunmetal metallic grey shade really. The name might be a little bit unimaginative but it does exactly what you’re expecting for and doesn’t disappoint. This little ‘rock chic’ baby is a gorgeous one coater, and dries fast. At £1.99 you need this in your collection.




And finally,my favourite polish from this batch, is FROZEN KINGDOM. I didn’t know what to expect from it when I first saw it on the website. It looked very white to me and I was expecting Tippex-style fingers. I was very apprehensive of the application too, as bright shades like these are usually renowned to be very patchy. Frozen Kingdom is the most gorgeous shade of white with a gold shimmer through it.

004 005

As for the application, I was again really pleasantly surprised: the polish took a little more work than usual: 3 coats instead of 2 but the result is worth it and I absolutely love it. Is that a typical Spring shade and name? Definitely not, but who cares? I, for one, refuse to be dictated by seasons to choose the shade of polish I want to wear.



Patches? what patches? :) yay!


All in all, I’d say that my absolute favourites from the beautyuk spring collection are Frozen Kingdom and Voodoo (click here to see part 1 – Voodoo, Golden Chestnut and Aztec)


Which one is your favourite? xx

How much? £1.99
Where? Superdrug and (Ask @beautyuktweets on twitter for your 20% discount voucher code, valid until 15 June)
Disclaimer: I bought these polishes myself.


Anonymous said...

Ow wow how pretty is Frozen Kingdom! Looove it!!

Love the daisy with gunmetal too <3


xmisslorix said...

I really like the gunmetal one, the froszen kingdom reminds me of one I got from boots 17 when they had a frost french collection, im gooing to have to look it out now x

nav said...

Ahh! I still haven't been to Superdrug lol, I love all of them! :)

millmollmac said...

I am not crazy over any of these shades, but I am LOVING your photos! xx

thefashionfreak said...

You paint your nails so perfectly Liloo! xx

femketje said...

they're all so pretty :D

LOIS said...

You've tried them out too! Love the shades! :)
Why the hell doesnt google-reader update ALL new posts?! It's not just with your blog -.-

Manda said...

I'm loving Frozen Kingdom. That's gorgeous. =D

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Love the look of Gunmetal and Frozen Kingdom! I actually 'need' a new black shade...

jaljen said...

I am so going to get the latter 2. Kingdom is amazing!

Emma Greenwood said...

Ooh I love Frozen Kingdom! And Cotton Candy. I was very pleasantly surprised to find Voodoo and Cotton Candy in my local Superdrug, alas, I didn't have any money on me at the time :( xxx

Joanna Louise said...

I am in Love with Gunmental! That colour looks beyond amazing! x

Delyteful Speaks said...

Frozen Kingdom is to die for!! Love it!

Alhrayth said...

ohhhhhhh I'm addicted to anything lilac so the Cotton Candy one is my fave... if only we had this brand over here... :( I'm not much of an online buyer (ehrmm I don't even know if it is possible!) So this is a bit of a tease for me... I might have to try to replicate it with some homemade attempt...

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

Love your nails :)

Sara.H said...

great color :)

Anonymous said...

Frozen Kingdom is so so so nice! Just a tad better than BarryM's MattWhite, I think ;] x

Rakhshanda said...

Woww love all the colors!! Gorgeous pics honey <3
Nice blog...plz check out & follow mine-
I'm a new follower :D

britishbeautyblogger said...

so sweet with that little daisy..what lovely pictures!

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