Thursday, 14 April 2011

Golden Aztec Voodoo Nails - NOTDs

Ever since I saw BlissMag naughty, exclusive and pre release twitpic of the spring collection Beautyuk nail polishes, I've been obsessed with it and dying to get my hands on  the new polishes. April 13th couldn't come soon enough. And boy it was worth  the wait. Today, I would like to show 3 shades of BeautyUK polishes, out of the 6 they freshly released yesterday. And here they are in all their glory: from left to right, Aztec,  Golden Chestnut and Voodoo (£1.99)


VOODOO is the most stunning shade of red. The ease of application, the  cracking formula, the sumptuous shade and shine reminded me straight away of my  favourite red polishes:  that gorgeous little Red I have from OPI (part of an a  halloween set, I'm not a waitress by OPI and Red Velvet from Elf.


But this one comes  with ONE big difference: Voodoo is a one coater and the coverage is absolutely  phenomenal. I would still recommend to wear 2 coats for longetivity of nail polish.  Flash photography would also require you to apply 2 coats but I wanted to show the  coverage in just one coat: ignore the shabby colours on this poor photo but note how  undetectable the visible nail line is. 


1 word: surreal! I am very excited about this  nail polish. I believe this is the first red nail polish Beautyuk has ever released and  they have definitely nailed this. Best of it all? £1.99.



AZTEC is a bright and bold gold polish which blew me away. Forget the 5 coats of Barry  M gold to achieve opacity, this little number gave me the coverage I wanted in 2 coats.  I like this polish so much that I threw the other that I had: Gilt-y from My face  Cosmetics which was just too metalliccy.


Shade wise, in certain lightings (crude flash  or halogen from the 3am kebab) this would look probably a little bit too brassy / cold  for my personal liking but other than that I love it and I know I am going to get a lot  from wear from it.



and last but not least, this is Golden Chestnut. The shade reminds me of milk chocolate  infused with gold: I want to eat it. Like Azteq and Voodoo, this polish is a dream to  apply. The formula has just the right consistency and the brush which I now totally  take for granted and is used to, allow for very precise application: I did no clean up  whatsoever on the 3 manicures.




In short, I am absolutely under the (voodoo) spell of these 3 new polishes. Did I say that they were just £1.99 each? If you have  never tried anything from the brand at all, I would totally recommend you to try their polishes: this is, to my mind what they do best. Will I get the 3 remaining shades?  Hell yeah!


disclaimer: these polishes were purchased by me.


nav said...

AHHHH You got there before me! Lol amazing post and I'll definitely be picking these up! :)

PinkSweetSz said...

WOW! Those colours are amazing!

Kavey said...

You know, the last time I wore NP was for Halloween and it was that green one, lovely colour and went on very easily, good coating, I told you about it... and before that, previous time was probably 20 years.

But that red and the chestnut are really appealing to me!!!!

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

No clean up? WOW. That's impressive. Gorgeous shades at a great price!

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

*dies* Voodoo looks amaaazing! I don't often wear reds but I'd make an exception for that one!

Natalie@pixielashes said...

I do believe voodoo will be mine before the end of the week,how gorgeous!?? I love the Beauty UK metallic sparks eye crayons the pigmentation is crazy good, and for bargain prices aswell <3 it!! xxx

Jude said...

Absolutely love Voodoo, can't believe the coverage in one coat xx

Jo said...

The metallic red is beautiful, and at one coat? I am amazed.

KatXoXo said...

I want brown nail polish...I don't think I own any!!

Sara.H said...

LOVELY shades :)

xmisslorix said...

Rubbish, I went to the superdrug nexgt to my work and its not got the new beautyuk stuff yet I really wanted to have a look at the gold/yellow one its gorgeous, beauty uk is getting a lot better these days and for £1.99 how good is that xx

NailNewbie said...

Loving the voodoo, definitely on my wishlist! Trip to town next week I think...
Is the white a creme or does it have any shimmer? Looking for a shimmery white for my collection

Hannah. said...

These colours are so unique! I love the shiney finish! xx
great post, love Hannah xxx
Also, I'm having a giveaway, maybe you'd like to enter? :)

LOIS said...

Love the shades. Although the Aztec is a little too yellow for my liking. I totally agree with their polishes being the best.
Love Lois

(i have been released from hospital :D Let the twitterfun begin! :)
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