Monday, 25 April 2011

Inglot Candy Nails

I was not planning to wear nail polish for a while. I was planning even less to post any pictures of my nails!  I had to cut them right down to the base (very bad tear) and I much prefer doing nail posts when my nails are a little bit longer. I feel that they showcase a nail polish better but hey ho, short nails deserve to be loved too right?


Today, I am wearing a little freebie from a magazine. It's an oldie but a goodie: It was given away in 'In Style' Magazine and it's called 'Candy'. Candy a lovely shade of lilac pink. It's very girly, very pink but the lilac tones prevents it from being too 'barbie' girl and too cutesy. Application was easy, although I find this polish a little bit on the thick side. If you're a rush, you could get away with one coat as the coverage is pretty impressive but 2 coats will give you immaculate and even coverage. 

And now for the obligatory photo with flash (I much prefer taking my nail photos with flash!)


And now powered with natural sunlight :)


I am not into 'creme' finishes really. I find 'creme' finishes to be a little flat, unless they are nude mannequin shades or greige. But this one I like. And I like it better because it came free with a magazine!


In the occasions, when I miss my shimmer drama, I like to pair Instyle candy with the most gorgeous top coat ever: Inglot 017, one of my very few purchases from Imats (January 2011)


This very sheer polish will just 'prettify' any polish you have and will add some kind of duochrome pink/bluey glow to your nails. If you wear it on its own (about 4 coats though) it will just make your nails so pretty and elegant.


I've worn on its own a few times (very hard to photograph) and they look like very clean, fresh rosy glow nails and I always get compliments. It would be the kind of shade Men scared of nail polishes would like, something pretty safe you would want to wear when you meet his parents too ;)


Talking of freebies, and if you're in the UK, keep your eyes opened for some other magazines offers: Fee from Makeup Savvy and Grace from London Makeup Girl  have found some offers for us, starting in just a few days time. Weee! :) Ooo I like a magazine freebie! Which one is the best one you’ve collected so far?


xmisslorix said...

I love that top coat its really pretty, the candy coloured is really cute too, makes me want a sweetie x

Lydia said...

That's such a pretty colour! I didn't pick it up and have regretted it ever since! And I'm a big fan of polishes that can change the look of polishes, the CND Effects are my favourites xx

Jessica said...

Wow this is beautiful - especially with the top coat! xx

Hannah said...

I love that colour, and the top coat looks beautiful over the top. I bet that's gorgeous in the sunshine! Your new layout is looking lovely, too :) x

sugar sugar said...

super pretty! it looks perfect for summer/spring. :)

Alhrayth said...

I'm not usually much into pastel pinks, but this one is really, really, really cute. I love the colors actually, but not on my nails... but look great on yours + the top coat is really nice!

Robyn said...

Lovely top coat! I know what you mean about cremes, I always seem to get some sort of a dent in mine but I always end up wearing them!

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