Monday, 25 April 2011

The Photography Tag...

There are thousands of things I would like to learn, thousands of skills I'd like to acquire one day and if I had the money, I would be enrolling on (thousands) lots of courses. I can't swim to save my life, can just boil water to cook pasta and can't even sew a button which has fallen off.
Photography is another area where I don't have a clue about but which really interests me. You'll give me 2 equally good beauty blogs in terms with content and if I had to choose one, I'll go for the one with the best photography.

Anyway, all this long introduction to say that you might have noticed that I like dandelion clocks. When I saw that (free to use) wallpaper from internet, I just had to have it and incorporate it somehow in the layout of my blog. However, I feel that a more 'personal' picture would look better. Well.. this is where you come in.

How would you fancy a little photography challenge?

Fancy photographing a dandelion clock (or even the dandelion yellow flower) for me, please pretty please? There is nothing to win, but if you fancy the challenge, I'd love to 'tag' you and invite you to take part, and take 1 photo for me.

Basically we're aiming for something better than this, LOL and a bit arty farty, you know a bit like the picture on the banner ^_^



Deadline: There is no strict deadline for this 'tag', but maybe a week's time would be enough? How about next Sunday, 1 May midnight? I hope you will take part. I leave you my email, shall i? :)

I would love  to tag ALL of you my readers but also these very talented photo friends of mine:

Pete Favelle @ahnlak
Charlotte @lipglossiping 
Debbie @drew692
Fee  @makeup_savvy
Matt @gothick
Lizzums @talei
Bicky (Tastes Like Glitter)
Steph @Steph0188
Lily @beautysbadhabit
Peter @technex

Thank you so much xx



Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Aha, I'll give it a go! If I can find a dandelion, that is...

Steph0188 said...

Hi Liloo :)
Thank you for the tag, I will have a little play some time this week & see if I can manage anything half decent. I thank you for saying my photography is good, although, I really just point-shoot & hope for the best

Bicky said...

Thank you! I shall try and find one though all the ones at the front of my house have been blown off. :(

Dainty Darling Digits said...

If I can find a dandelion I will! :)

Louise said...

lol my photogrpahy skills need improving a million percent but I'll have a go the front lawn is covered in the blighters lol

25FLONDON said...

I'll definitely send you a picture eventually!

(but like I said on Twitter - I've got a ton of hand-ins for Friday, one day before the 1st, so it'll be doubtful that I'll be able to take a good picture by then!)

Debbie said...

Saw a million million dandelions all this weekend in the sunshine! Will keep my eyes peeled and see if there are more when the sun is next out!

MissGreenEyes said...

Woohoo, sent :)xx

Carlito86 said...

Hello hunny, have tagged you in a silly post on my blog xxx

Fum said...

Dam just killed all my dandelions! lol

Daisy said...

Thanks for the tag ! Sorry it took me so long to check it out !x

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