Tuesday, 12 April 2011

You haven’t lived if … you haven’t been to a Costco!

I didn't plan to write this. It's all Stuart's fault. Please excuse the silliness of this post, this is not about makeup, it’s a just a little bit of fun.

I hate the idea of missing out of potential good stuff. I had heard briefly about Costco in the past. I knew it was a paradise shop but that’s about it really.


And then, sir Stuart Heritage, some ginger? hilarious bloke who writes for the Guardian tweeted this and I became all jealous and wanted to know more.


But when I asked on twitter:
What is Cotsco?
is it a posh shop down south?
what does it sell? xx

I really wasn't ready for the overwhelming wave of love you had for this shop and I really didn't expect so many would answer in mass. I could have googled it but being lazy nothing beats the feedback from real people, innit?

Here's what Costco is all about and what you are missing out on:


Thank you everyone :)
I am so jealous, and I want to go now. Please can I go with you next time? I want to stuff my face with birthday cakes and giant steaks.


KatXoXo said...

lol when I was little we would go costco shopping every sunday with my aunts. It has absolutely everything. My boyfriends brother bought his wifes engagement ring there lol

Anonymous said...

I'm viewing on my cell phone and I have NO idea what's written in those pictures but this place sounds interesting! I would love to know what you think if you ever visit this place! :)

Lisa said...

After writing this post you will have to get yourself a Costco card now. Xx

LilyLipstick said...

Costco is amazing - love going there with my parents. They always have loads of free samples of food to try which is pretty fun. x

Hannah said...

I had never been before but I went with friends last summer! Seriously this place is amaze!! And afterwards we were kinda hungry so we went to the little cafe Thingy inside and got baked potatos and fillings for like £1.50 aamazing :o) x x

Perdita said...

I just found out there's one near my house... seriously gonna go there now! Love the washing powder and loo roll (let's face it, you gotta buy that stuff and cheap/less frequently is better than constantly/pricily).

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Ahaha, it is like wonderland. My Dad always stocks up on the essentials (meat and beer) when he goes. And the 'Welcome to Costco, I love you.' is from an awesome film - Idiocracy.


Louise said...

LOL The wonders of costco - lol they are right about the samples you can normally skip lunch and fill up on costco sample alas I don't have a card now but my bestie does :) oh and my mum says the best Brioche ever ;)

Georgia said...

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed costco near me!!!! NEEEEEEEED IT!!

Used to have one when I lived in newcastle but I dont think there is one in aberdeen. BOOO!

Outright best store in the world. The hotdogs are heaven.


lilfairydoll said...

lighten up Liloo, I've never been to it either LOL
nor anywhere similar here or in Italy...

spittingglitter said...

Oooh there's a similar place near me called Bookers! My mum bought a box of 42 Crunchie bars (for herself!!) there last week! :) xx

thefashionfreak said...

Corrrrr, aren't we nice, always teaching you stuff ;) xx

Anonymous said...

I used to go to Costco lots when I was younger, I loved the cheap designer gear! I also loved the american stuff you could get there, too - mmmm chocolate covered pretzels!!

Julia @ Retro Jules

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