Wednesday, 25 May 2011

False Lash Report – Part Une

I am doing my best not to jump up and down too much as I'm writing this. I've been given the chance to write a post for British Beauty Blogger, about my favourite makeup item in the world: false eye lashes. Part One of this mini series entitled 'False Lash Report' has been published today on British Beauty Blogger.  Today I'm writing about Japonesque Lashes.


How many parts will there be?
When is episode 2 going to be published?
Hehe, you'll just have to wait and see…
For now, pop over to British Beauty Blogger to see part 1 :) x


LOIS said...

I've thought about trying out fake lashes for fun. But I'm just doomed to fail, when doing so. I'll get the glue in my eye or the lash crooked and it'll not come off or I'll rip out my own lashes and be forced to wear fakes for ever. Or any other worst case scenario.. xD
btw you show up in my (timeline) dashboard again :D
Love Lois xxx

Anonymous said...

I loved this - I would not wear, but your review was comprehensive, I do think that your beautifully shaped eyes and eyebrows lend themselves to decoration in a way that on me would really conjure up the "mutton" and "lamb" image. Thankyou for a great review. Jan x

betwixt beauty said...

I did comment on that post but my comment wasn't approved! Possibly because I pointed out one of the pics wasn't the right one... It's fixed now. Anyways...
I like the last pair of lashes best on you. The other ones are a bit too fake looking for me. I don't like big gaps between clusters of lashes for some reason!
Only wish I were as good as you as applying them xx

Alhrayth said...

Ohhhhh I am soo hopeless with false lashes! I tried once and it was a total and utter disaster... but I still think about them sometimes. Should I look for something like the applicator you mention? I'm clueless!!

productdoctor said...

I have never worn false lashes because I'm too afraid I'll poke my eye out! I think you have inspired me

xmisslorix said...

ooh I'm really looking forward to seeing this post, So excited!!

I too have a problem I'm a total falsies addict I may require rehab for it, not trying to spam or anything but this is the extent of my addiction and thats only half of them
My Lashes.

I love looking at other peoples and how they wear them :) hooray


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