Saturday 21 May 2011

Sultry Sands and Golden Palms Nails from Boots No7 Sundowner Summer Collection 2011

Ever since I saw the preview of No.7 summer collection, back in February on British Beauty Blogger and on the Beauty Swot, I have been really looking forward to the release of the no.7 “Sundowner” collection. The collection was finally released this week and I couldn't wait to get my hands on 2 items in particular: the 2 golden polishes, with a sumptuous packaging: Sultry Sands and Golden Palms.


After months of  impatient waiting, I had already visualised how I would want to be writing this post. The sun would be shining, I would be wearing these polishes under a terrific sunshine: the sun would make every sparkle in the polish shine like a diamond. I would also try to capture these polishes under sunset light and try to replicate that orange glow, part of the whole promotional picture.

Well, today, the end of the world didn't happen. It's tipping it down and the only reliable light I've got is the one from my poxy but trusty point and shoot camera. I could wait for a sunny day, but I am too excited and I want to write about them now, not when the sun wants to make an entrance. 

First off, let me present to you, SULTRY SANDS a sumptuous champagne gold sparkly polish, in the most gorgeous packaging. Let's cut a story short. Don't even waste your time applying this polish on your bare nails. I've tried and even after 4 coats, I was still seeing the white demarcation of my nail. The way to work with this bad boy is to apply a nude base (I am aware of the controversy of the term nude causes, so let's just say 'the flesh colour of Caucasian people).

So I applied one coat of my trusty Missguided Misscellaneous polish (I should have bought about 5 of that polish!!) and 2 coats of sultry sands. The colour is just absolutely gorgeous and I feel super pretty elegant when wearing this colour.


However, this polish presents a major drawback, such a drawback that I would actually like to rename the polish 'gloopy sands' instead of 'sultry sands'. As soon as you apply it, your eyes are mesmerised by the lovely golden glow but they can't help but noticing the tackyness and gloopiness also. It doesn't cause a problem as such for the application in itself, you will get an even coverage in the end but this polish takes absolutely for ever to dry.In fact, I managed to smudge it whilst taking my photos and had to redo my manicure. Boots should redo it and call it … quick sands :)



Now for GOLDEN PANTS PALMS. The colours is absolutely gorgeous and I think this would suit most skin tones. Again, as with 'gloopy sands', you will need to be extremely patient before using your hands again after you've applied your nail polish. I didn't bother to try without a nude base. One coat of missguided misscellaneous and 2 of golden palms will give you this result.



It makes me sad when I imagine how much more stunning these polishes would look under natural sunlight but never mind.


My final verdict: I feel a bit let down by the Sundowner Collection. But despite presenting 2 major drawbacks (too gloopy and too sheer for my liking) I am in love with these polishes and I want to display these bottles in my bedroom. However I will need to find a fast drying top coat which will work with shimmery/metallic polishes {that’s Seche Vite out of the window then} otherwise I will never have the patience to apply these.

Would I buy these polishes full price (£7)? No way! The colour might be gorgeous but £7 is a bit steep for gloopiness. However, £2 (with a reduction voucher) seems reasonable even the polishes are not perfect.


Will you be indulging in the Sundowner Collection? Here are some other items. Pictures are pinched from the website, lousy paint shop pro montage done by moi. There is another lipgloss to go with it, but the Boots website didn’t think it was worthy of displaying a picture?



Unknown said...

Golden Palms is absolutely gorgeous, such a shame it is so gloopy though. Jude xx @jadlgw

lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

I really love the look of Sultry Sand! x

Unknown said...

They both look lovely. Shame about the application though, so for £7 I think I'll pass :(


Stina said...

Wow these look amazing - I can't chose a favourite <3

Fee - Makeup Savvy said...

For £2 I think I can 100% be forgiving of the formula and sheer-ness but full price... just no way!

They bronze shade it just soooo lovely and the bottles are just too cute. Really nice... though 2 polishes for a whole collection is a tad rubbish! Would of loved to have seen 2 other shades, but oh well I can't have everything! :)

Great pics as always Liloo,

Fee xx

Anonymous said...

How does one manage gloopy and sheer? What a failure Boots. I can manage applying a 'glooper' but I just cannot stand waiting for them to dry. I have trouble with average-drying polish...

Unknown said...

Both of those polishes are gorgeousss, I can't tell which one I like better. Despite application problems, your manis look very nice!

Lori said...

Those are very pretty, I find that with some no 7 metallic polishes they are a bit gloopy. I love that bronzer from the collection though it looks more peachy than bronze I think I'll be having that soon xx

jaljen said...

Gloopy is bad.
But the bottles are much better than the usual No7.
And I have to say Golden Palms is special. I reckon I probably have polishes like Sands or could layer something but Palms looks original.

Anonymous said...

Golden Palms reminds me of an old No7 polish I bought my mum a few years back. It's identical and gloopy; what a fail! x

missy_ellie_uk said...

What a shame they were gloopy....because they both look gorgeous! I might get Sands anyway....

Ellie x

Anonymous said...

They look so nice I might get them gloopiness or no.... but Ill nab me a voucher or two first. I wouldnt want to pay full price if they aren't all singing all dancing.

Ms Red

♥ Sadie ♥ said...


Sadie xx

socialitedreams said...

gorgeous colors, wish that they didn't take so long to dry as you say :( simply stunning shades, especially the lighter one

Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

Oh I'm loving the look of these - & I have a £5 voucher. I'm not very patient with letting nails dry though! :/

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