Friday, 6 May 2011

Fashion Fawn Nails and Brown/Taupe Polishes comparison

I've been wondering whether I was a bit harsh with my review of Nails Inc Instyle Orange Candy yesterday. On Emma's positive experiences on Fashion Fawn and Electric Teal, the other 2 shades of nails inc polishes, also free on purchase of In Style magazine this month, I decided to buy 'Fashion Fawn'. Everything is all right with the world again.

Application was the usual easy and I couldn't fault the formula. I was able to be more in control the application again and no hint of gloopyness in sight. I had one hair on the brush right in the middle of the brush longer than the others but it was nothing that a quick snip with a pair of scissors couldn't fix. My photos show 2 coats of polish. Fashion Fawn gets my thumbs up!




I am not very good at describing shades, and comparing it with others. For me it's brown, a nice shade of brown. I am going to leave you all nail polish aficionados and taupe experts to appreciate the nuances in my little comparison swatch below. Thank you Emma for the comparison inspiration :) xx


I really enjoyed that exercise. I have found that:
- Barry M Mushroom was the easiest to apply (They have really nailed their formula!!)
- I still want to recycle / blog sale Accessorize Truffle: not too keen on the brush, it feels so short. I am not very comfortably applying it, the size of the cap of the truffle feels disproportionately too wide too big compared to the length of the brush. I can’t believe how grey and dark it looks here!
- My favourite brown from this little swatch is Jermyn Street and it made me appreciate it even more.

This is one of these times when I would have loved to be a freak, to have 4 more fingers on the same hand and compare more shades at once. Now if you want to compare nails inc london, fashion fawn, eyeko posh and no.7 'the brown one' I'd love you for ever :)



Jenny said...

Ooh pretty, :D x

betwixt beauty said...

I'm not gonna lie - I don't like this colour but I am very jealous of your nails! xx

Ms Red said...

Im liking Jermyn Street and Fashion Fawn is quite nice too.

NailNewbie said...

Oh no now I want it! I have Jermyn Street, maybe I'll go for the Barry M instead of buying the magazine again, I already have the other two lol

Emma Greenwood said...

Thank you for my mention :D and I have the same with my Fashion Fawn, for some reason my brush has one hair longer than all the others :s bizarre! I absolutely love it though, even more so than the teal :D xx

LOIS said...

oh i'd walk around with all the different shades at once. I think it looks really cool :D Like Shaded Nails :)
Love Lois xxx
Kartoffel. Deutsche Kartoffel

jaljen said...

I like all of these. You are so right about the Accessorize big caps. Same goes for Models Own and Nails Inc. I have small hands and find these large round caps very troublesome.

femketje said...

love that colour fashion fawn :D

Sally Todd said...

Just bought 17 supreme shine in mood dust, which is of the same brownness! Wish I had seen your blog post first! Your nails are perfect as is the application. Must have had a lot of practice! Lol

Catherine said...

o its very similar to Barry M Mushroom which is on my wishlist :-) x

Meeta said...

That looks lovely on you! It's good to see that it is different to the others as I wasn't sure if it was too similar to others when seeing this instore. I went for Electric Teal as I was looking for a shade like this.

xNTA said...

God, I love these ALL!!! I'd go absolutely Taupe crazy if given the chance and an unlimited budget. Seriously. Head to toe(pe).

I apologize for the terrible attempt at humor. lol

Have a great one! x

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