Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Opportunity for Beauty Bloggers: YoungBlood Cosmetics wants to meet you….

You will have seen from time to time bloggers wanting to give a little helping hand to bloggers with a smaller audience than them and doing special shouts to them. I am long overdue to do some shouts myself. It's a tricky business. You start with all the best of intentions and then sometimes you end up upsetting some bloggers because they didn't receive a shout out.

But what about shouts out to companies who are starting out on the social media  front and would love to have a wider audience too?

These are even trickier to do. You might be perceived as having an interest in this company (wanting samples for your blog or something like that) even when you don't have one. I have just found about this {new for me} company called 'Young Blood Cosmetics' today (177 followers on twitter at the time of writing - can we have a aww please?) Let me just point out straight away I am NOT working for them. Nor am I am after samples.


They would love to meet bloggers genuinely interested about their products and who would want to review them, and are inviting bloggers to introduce themselves on their facebook page.

I don't know the brand very well at all, I have just come across them today. From quickly looking at it, they are specialised in mineral based makeup, they are cruelty free,  have an amazing website and ‘tranformation’ videos. I am not their target audience, I am pretty much a mineral makeup virgin and would blog more about budget makeup brand myself but you might be who they are looking for. Have a look at their website, and if you like what you see, go on their facebook  and introduce yourself to them. They want to hear from you and want to work with you.


disclaimer: No one has contacted me to write this post. I didn't write this to get free samples or to be added to their list of bloggers. If I ever were to be approached to review their products, I would have to decline as my experience in mineral makeup is very limited and therefore my ability to appreciate the benefits of mineral makeup over other makeup is limited too.


✖ Helena is Red ✖ said...

As a Mineral makeup addict I could suggest them to write the full inci of products on their website, it's the first thing a mineral/organic makeup addict looks for, if I don't find the inci of a product I don't trust the brand for being a true mineral makeup seller! ;)
I can't tell them this as i don't have a facebook account, if you'd like please let them know this consideration. :)

Polish Mentalist said...

Just a thought, but I would have thought that as you are a mineral makeup vigin, you'd be a good choice to try it, as you'd be able to see how easy it is to apply, etc? I'm also a mineral make-up virgin and hearing the experiences of a 'newbie' like myself with it is going to be more of interest to me, than how someone who may as well be a season pro found it to apply?

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

I think I'll pass. Even though I use mineral makeup I find it kinda gauche how they advertised through #bbloggers...think it's going to be one of those companies that send product to anyone and everyone and you see it everywhere and eventually get bored.

liloo said...

@helena Message forwarded :) x

@thepolishmentalist I know what you are saying but I am really really not too fussed about trying mineral makeup or natural makeup. x

@lena (the student's guide to nail polish)
I don't think they will give out products to anybody who made an interest. Their products are (to me) very high end x

✖ Helena is Red ✖ said...

Thanks darling, I hope this can help them growing! ;)

Arianne Cruz said...

check out ur award on my post :)

Anonymous said...

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