Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Your life, your time, your blog… Summary of #Bbloggers ‘Time Management’ Twitter Chat

Last week, in the absence of Fee from Makeup Savvy, I had the chance to host the weekly #bbloggers twitter chat, where bloggers from all walks of life were invited to join and talk about 'time management'. The chat gathered 226 of you. A whopping 1600 {or thereabout} tweets were exchanged. What was said? Without much further ado and with profuse apologies for my delay and {ironically} bad management of time, here's an attempt at summarising one heck of busy and fast paced hour. 


Right from the word go, it was evident that 2 main trends of ideas were developing, which actually put into question the very need of a twitter chat based on 'Blogging and Time Management'. The chat seemed to divide itself in between 2 teams: the super organised and the spontaneous.

I hope you will enjoy this ‘summary’. Please stay till the end to find out:
- what you chose to retweet the most from the whole hour,
- the top 10 contributors to the #bbloggers chat and last but not least
- some feel-good, perk me up motivations tweets.

Go with the flow, be Spontaneous


Being organised and having a routine makes you happier


How you fit blogging around your life, tips & tricks




Not that I can give advice on time management myself (this post is, after all, one week late) but I personally swear by using Windows Live Writer and couldn’t see myself blogging without. This Modern Panda is a big fan too and has written a guide about it.

Oh Panda Header 

The most re-tweeted by you…

“Blogging is a full time job. Photographer, coder, designer, researcher and PR specialist all on top of writing” @BonVivantClique, BVC, Bon Vivant Clique

“If u aren't going to blog for a little while - fatigue/holiday etc - tell your readers.” @britbeautyblog, British Beauty Blogger

“Blog what you like, when you like, how you like. Ignore people who say "Don't do this or that", we all have different styles” @Get_Lippie, Get Lippie

“One thing, blogging isn't a competition on how much you post or followers you get. do it cos it's what u love” @JessycaLouise, Forever Miss Vanity

“As Bloggers we must support one another, no matter how busy we are. Communication is key.” @LaCara91 Oh la la, Curves

“Blogging shouldn't consume you. It doesn't take a long post to make an impact. Quality over quantity. “ @LaCara91 Oh la la, Curves

“Even when you don't have time to blog. Try and make time to comment on other people's blogs. Show support, and you gain support”. @LaCara91 Oh la la, Curves

“I'll never blog just because I have to. It's a hobby - not something you have to do. Never feel pressured!” @lady_makeup Lady Makeup

“Make sure you have plenty of time to write. don't blog when tired/rushed..your writing will probably lack passion” @ntlieread Natalie’s loves. Beauty has no label

“Save time by being efficient-stay organized, don't waste time trying to find things, whether it's email, products, photos, etc”. @temptalia Temptalia

“Blogs are our babies. We improve while raising and watching them grow up, they find their friends and a place in the web”. @theannamontana Fernua Beauté

“#bbloggers: Summed up: Blog when you feel to blog. Schedule when you like to schedule and spend as much time as you like. Love your blog. :)” @theswatchaholic The Swatchaholic

“When it comes to blogging, don't feel like you have to a schedule - just blog when you feel inspired and have some free time” @ViviannaMakeup Vivianna does makeup

The top 10 contributors (or the most gobby ones depending the way you look at it ;)

@duckingfabulous, Ducking Fabulous,
@talei, Benebelle,
@Rikkchen, Sticky Sweet Danish,
@vodkaandroses, Vodka and Roses,
@Thelipgoss, The Lip Goss,
@MegOnaHunt, Bargainista on a hunt,
@Lisahh_Jayne, Lisahh Jayne,
@MuaCosmetics, Makeup Aacademy MUA,
@EmWampach, It’s Em,
@HippyMeow, Blood. Feathers. Lipstick,

Feeling a bit slow or not as productive as you would want to be? These tweets perked me up…

Blog, Have Fun, and Be Happy :)


I hope you enjoyed the chat and that it has not invaded your twitter timeline too much. This made me chuckle. I just had to include it :P

  • I think #bbloggers should go on all night
  • SHUTUP ABOUT #bbloggers
  • Oh God #bbloggers chats really grind my gears - idk some people just take the internet waaay too seriously

Thank you for reading and happy blogging everyone
@tsunimee xx


Arianne Cruz said...

I'm confused how to participate in this.. can u explain it to me?


Y said...

I'm a new blogger and found this extremely helpful. No twitter yet.
This rounded up information had some great tips in it, thanks for the effort.
I'm installing windows live writer now.

Hippy Meow said...

Im deffo one of the gobby ones haha!
Was a great chat! Gutted that i missed the last one and will miss the next one. I dont think my blackberry will be able to cope on its own haha!

emalyce89 said...

Oh I don't know how I missed this chat! lol But this had some really great advice!

QualityPointOPM said...

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jaljen said...

You hosted it brilliantly and this precis is excellent

duckingfabulous said...

heehee! 'most gobby' - that's definitely me! i had a brilliantly inspiring hour with you guys last sunday and it's made me want to include much more beauty on my lifestyley/random blog :) thanks for hosting, you did a fabulous job... looking forward to next one! (and catching up on this week's, which i missed) xx

Perdita said...

Good advice. Unless it's your job, you shouldn't get 'addicted' to posting EVERY week: dare I say it but family, friends and even one's 'real' job are all more important and should not be neglected for the sake of a blog. Regular readers will understand and return, I know because I have them AND I am one! :)

Justine (Productrater) said...

I guess it can easily become your job, many blogs benefit greatly from traffic to their site, and it becomes not so much about posting pictures but the business aspect of it. I have yet to figure that out and mine is just a hobby, however I do feel guilty when I leave it go for a week or so without any posts, you feel like attachment to it like you need to update it.

I love the cat pic :)

iryn said...

I've been blogging for a year now. This post is really helpful and very informative. Thanks for sharing! Happy blogging too! :)


Saif Imtiaz said...

just awesome.thanks for the information.
Animal Planet

Ms Red said...

Alas I missed it otherwise Id have been up there as a gobby one lol.

Glad for the write up so I can see what I missed :/ :)


Jude said...

I'm with Ms Red, I also missed this week as I was working but I'm sure I'd have been in the top 10 'gobby ones'. Thanks for summarising and giving me the chance to catch up. Jude xx @jadlgw

Bon Vivant Clique said...

Thanks for the shout out! Can't wait for the next Bbloggers!

Love J.

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