Friday, 10 June 2011

Will you be mediterraneaning? I will !

You'll never guess what I have received in the post this morning: the latest Sleek Makeup palette... Yeah right. As if!

There is nothing quite like the release of a new sleek makeup collection to set the beauty blogosphere alight. I don't know what it is but there is a fascination around the i-divine sleek makeup palettes and I, for one, am a big fan, and have been waiting impatiently for the release of the latest sleek makeup collection: the Mediterranean Collection.

As I am a mere mortal and common muck, I will be purchasing mine tomorrow to the nearest Superdrug stocking Sleek Makeup. I even rang the store to reserve it. Before you get too saturated with posts about this collection, I wanted to get in there sooner rather than later and write a little bit about it.


Inspired by the Mediterranean, this 12 shade palette is the perfect addition to your summer make-up. Choose from sunset oranges and browns, or breezy turquoise to highlight your holiday tan! Best worn with our hot pink Monte Carlo pout polish and Santorini blush to achieve the perfect Mediterranean summer look.

The blush and the pout polish are very nice but it's the Monaco palette which will make part with £7 tomorrow. Yeah, not even £6.99 to make it psychologically cheaper, 7 quid. At this rate, the special 2011 Christmas edition palette will be £9.99. *grumbles grumbles*

And now for the meat of the palette, the lovely eyeshadows it contains. There are already some eyeshadows in particular which have caught my attention, but I won't tell you which ones, in case my first play with the palette goes wrong and I've ruined the 'surprise' of my next Sleek Med Post.


Sleek Monaco Palette: £7.00
Train Fare especially to get to the Superdrug which sells it: £7 bleeming 95
Delight to play with these gorgeous shadows: priceless.
Heck, I am just as well go the whole hog and treat myself with a pasty from Greggs for the train trip.

remix baby:


Will you be buying from this collection too?


NailNewbie said...

I might treat myself to the blush, I've been looking for a bright pink like that for a while *does happy dance*

Adrienne said...

I had a good ol moan about the price increase too, im getting really tight arsed now im in my twenties haha! Its a lovely collection i've had the blush on since ive got it! Enjoy your greggs love :P xx

Gamusina said...

WOW gorgeous colours!! I wish I could grab one of those... Where do I have to apply for a Superdrug in my country??? :) I'm sure you'll make great looks with it!!

Jude said...

I can only imagine the fabulous looks you will create with all of the gorgeous colours. Jude xx @jadlgw

Corrie♥ said...

I love the blush- so summery :) x

Arianne Cruz said...

the palettes look like colored waffles lol.. are they really pigmented?

RaeRae said...

I have mine :) Wearing Washed Ashore, Sunset and Midnight Garden today... I also have the blush but I'm a bit scared- it is bright!

Ana said...

Is it just my screen or do the colours look really different compared to the promo pic (the magenta one in particular)?

Love the remix :) !

xmisslorix said...

I love the look of the blusher, I'll need to get my sleek palettes out, they have been feeling unloved recently, sucks about the price though.
If you do decide on a pasty I'd go for beans n sausage pasty thats my fav apart from the haloween tabasco steak bake mmmm.... roll on october xxx

SilhouetteScreams said...

Ugh I can't wait to see a slew of swatches of the pout polish and blush popping up on blogs, I loooooove magenta <3

Strawberry Blonde said...

lol you crack me up with your remixes - this looks really pretty - esp your version. And this is the first I've heard of it so well done you for getting in there! ;-) Do report back when you've had a play! xx

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

I prefer your order to the 'official' one, to be honest. They should hire you!

cotton said...

love the look of the blush x

celestialmidnight said...

Oh gosh! I want it! But my local Superdrug's here in Stafford and in Birmingham don't stock it, and the awkward one in town doesn't stock much sleek either! I've been avoiding purchasing things online but I may just have to indulge myself if I can afford to!

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