Sunday, 17 July 2011

Bourjois Bronzing Powder in a can: First impressions

There couldn't be a better time to discover the new range of Bronzers at Bourjois. They have a 3 for 2 offer on all Bourjois products at Boots (not just the bronzers range like in Superdrug) and you get a free pair of sunglasses when you buy 3 products. The range looks and smells absolutely di-vi-ne. A lovely delicate fragrant mix of chocolate and orange. You must have a little snif if you walk past the Bourjois stand.


Couldn’t the packaging look any more gorgeous? How luscious is that line of lime green out of a milk chocolate background!


One product which has caught my attention is the 'Bronzing Powder, for face and body in a spray can. I am inexplicably drawn to try this product, like I have been hypnotised to try it.
They say:
There’s nothing easier than a bronzing powder spray for the perfect tan!
In one quick and simple step, the powder mist delicately melts onto the skin for a perfect, natural and even tan.  No need to rub! This ultra-fine powder dries instantly so you can get dressed straight away!

I am drawn to try it but I am absolutely petrified at the same time by it.
What if I go all oompah loompah from it?
At least if I could rub, I could buff it in if it sprays too dark.

Anyway, today I went to the shop again to test it on my skin, in the shop. Instructions explicitly said to spray at least 30 cm away from your skin (that's the equivalent of the length of 2 CDs put together, British imperial system fans). I tried to bear that in mind but nothing came out. And then I sprayed too close (you know a bit like you try to get some ketchup out of the bottle and then *splouf* your whole plate is filled with ketchup. I didn't even spray for long. One minute there was nothing, and the next, this appeared:


They have 2 colours: the light (shade 12) and the dark one (shade 14). I sprayed on the dark one. Can you imagine if my face ends up like that? I'd die with embarrassment. I am even more scared to try it now. The fact that I need to spray so far away (30cm seem to be such a long distance) makes me scared that I am going to get some on my clothes, hair, or the wall/environment/kids  around it.

First impressions: I am more scared than ever and I am too much of a chicken to take the plunge to buy one. It smells ab-so-lu-te-ly lovely though. If you do decide to try it, have a go on a newspaper first, until you’re happy with how much product comes out and remember to keep your distance. I shall be on the look out on more reviews on this product before taking the plunge. For now I need reassurance.


Beauty's Bad Habit said...

0_0 That look terrifying! And sounds terrifying too haha. What if it wipes off on your clothes/ other people's clothes? What if it fades all patchy and uneven? Bizarre. Sticking to St. Moriz!

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

That looks SO cool. Not that I need any extra help on the tan front...but I would totally buy it for the sheer novelty factor/highlighting properties? if it's not too pricey.

Hannah said...

This is why spray on tan-in-a-can scares me! Surely if you have to hold it far away from your face to get a natural effect it'd mainly end up in you hair? The amount of effort that would take makes me think I'm better off staying a pale Janet! x

Phoebe said...

If you spray it from far away it will be a light spray, do it in the shower then you can rinse it off all the tiles/walls. And maybe try it with the lighter shade first, because then you can build up if it's too sheer.

Alice said...

I didn't even know this range existed, so thank you for bringing to it my attention it looks fab, and if it smells great too, well even better! x

30SomethingMel said...

Its truly scary just how fast the stuff comes out! Thanks for clearing up the 'shade' thing. Couldn't work that out at all, mine is the dark one LOL! Was a nightmare washing it off too, that stuff does not come off easily! Mel xxxx

KennethSoh said...

I actually have had the products from this range for a while and I have used it on shoots and jobs. It smells delicious and although requiring a bit of skill to use, it really is quite good and clever. I've used it to even the faces of models with tanner bodies as a powder. I would definitely spray further than 30cm. It's easier if someone does it for you. Good luck and message me if you need help with it! x

Jadegrrrl said...

Good lord, looks kind of frightening hey?!

GothamPolish said...

Hmmm... tan in a can... I guess it helps with orange hands? At least it smells nice!

A Thrifty Mrs said...

That looks scary as hell.

Strawberry Blonde said...

Whoa... I'm a self tan fan but would not dare to tackle that baby! Def gonna try the bronzer though!
Nic x

SilhouetteScreams said...

Yeah, that's kind of terrifying *____* I'm interested to see what the lighter shade is like though. And I say you purposely go to a place populated by small children and start spraying yourself, hahaha

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