Saturday, 16 July 2011

Sleek Saturday - Acid Toxic {Makeup Look and Nails}

Ever since my makeup challenge with Jen (from when she created a beautiful bright orange and green makeup look with her not-loved-enough Sleek Makeup Circus palette earlier on this week, I have been itching to recreate  her look. Jen knows it, I have been talking about it every day. I don't have the circus palette. What I do have is the Sleek Makeup Acid palette which has rapidly become my favourite and most used palette ever.


To this date I have yet to use the neon pink and neon green (that sounds like a challenge I have just set myself right there) but all the colours have absolutely gorgeous. Only disappointment is the white eyeshadow. It is simply nowhere near pigmented enough for my needs. However, 1 disappointing colour out of 12 others is not bad.

For me, the real attraction of this palette is the purple and the acidic green next to it.



Basically, WHENEVER I need to use purple, this is THE purple I would use all the time. This purple fulfills all my (matte) purple needs and is just perfect. How does it compare to the iconic purple from Makeup Forever (92) I do not know, but nor do I care to know. Incidentally, to add depth to this 'acid' purple, I like to use the purple from Sleek Makeup Bohemian palette. They complement each other beautifully.

Because I like the purple and the green so much, this palette tends to follow me on my travels, along with:
-  my 120 palette (just in case I need it and because it humongous mirror
-  my gosh 'smiley face' trio palette and last but not least
- my nyx white/grey/black trio palette featuring the best white in the universe.

*rambles* *rambles*

The inspiration for this look comes from Mizzworthy.



This look would be perfect, if you are daring enough, to wear for St Patrick's Day. I did a similar colours look for St Patrick's day one year, but I much prefer this one. This one was less faffy to do: just 3 colours and bam. Not 37 greens.


The eyeliner  on the right eye looks a bit crap and too rounded but hey ho..


Finally, I would like to show you a truly gorgeous nail polish, Gamma  from Illamasqua, also not the faint hearted. This is a present from a friend (I am not sure, at the time of writing if I am allowed to say where it comes from) and it's shockingly bright and gorgeous. You will have to excuse my nails. These are my nails live, as of Friday 15 July and they are 100 times too short for my liking but hey ho, never mind.


Gamma reminds me of Instyle Candy Orange, a polish from Nails Inc. Well, this is where the comparison ends. I really didn’t agree with the formulation (or do you call it formula? my mind has gone blank) of the nails inc one. Gamma was a dream to apply. It makes me the happier since this was my first experience with Illamasqua ever. The polish glided on my stupid short nails and made me them look pretty.



This post makes me happy. I have finally wrote a little about my favourite Sleek Makeup palette, found another opportunity to play with bright colours, and orange in particular, which is fast becoming my favourite colour. This post allowed me chill out a bit. I usually would never consider taking photos of a palette if it’s even used ( I usually like to take a photo when it looks pristine) and indoor. The photos don’t look too bad and I am gobsmacked the flash did not wash out the colours: First time this has happened. Maybe this is the start of a less stressed out me, and a more relaxed attitude towards blogging? I doubt it…

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Anonymous said...

Love that nail polish. Love Love Love it. And your nails are what I call my perfect length, although it's been a while since mine were that long... :/


Jude said...

Wow liloo, the eyes and the nail polish are once again fabulous. Why oh why are you not working as a make up artist, you are so talented. Jude xx @jadlgw

Daisy said...

So very summery !! Wondrous nails, I have also been wearing orange ! I can never really get away with wearing such bright eye colours, which I could !! :(

Sophie said...

I love the Acid palette, and that polish is just BAM! Wow. :)

Anonymous said...

That's such a gorgeous polish colour!

Twelve52 Blog said...

Wowzer! I love that nail polish x

xmisslorix said...

I love the acid palette too, I've only really used the neons when I went to a rave/festivals.
They aren't too bad and I didn't find them as chalky as a lot of people think.

I love that green colour, I don't use that so much but I'll need to start looks really pretty with your skintone xx

sahar awan said...

love the nail paint....

Louise said...

love that nail polish

femketje said...

omg these colours are amazing :D

PinkSweetSz said...

OMG wow You look amazing!! I wish I could do makeup Like You Lol! And I love your Nails!

missy_ellie_uk said...

LOVE those nails, how do you get the line round the cuticle so neat and perfect? I am v jealous.

I don't have the Acid palette, but it could be worth me getting just for the purple alone - I'm always on the lookout for more matte purples ;)

And I agree with you - your photos still look great and the colours not at all washed out, even if you did have to use flash.

Ellie x

Jadegrrrl said...

Argh you're making me want this sleek palette & Gamma big time!!!

esteeem said...

I love this look! Its wacky but great.. n we all know I'm a fan on colour!
The nail polish looks so good, but I have to ask.. are those your real nails or gel? they look so smooth and great.. and the length is just fine!
p.s. i've given you an award on my blog as I love reading yours, check under "Awards/tags" =)

Anonymous said...

Where can I get that palette? It... looks... COOL!

Emma Greenwood said...

Extremely jealous that you have Gamma, which I have been lusting after since forever! The sleek palette looks fab and really suits you. I'd never be able to get away with those colours on my eyes, I think you need a really bold hair colour, dark like yours or auburn or blonde, to get away with such bright colours. Mine's just mousey brown haha! xx

SilhouetteScreams said...

HOTTTTTTTTT! I love the cut crease and how you kinda winged/curved the shadow there and of course I love the brightass colours ^____^

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