Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How to work with different nail polishes finishes. A Guide from Jacie from You've Got Nail

You will have probably got an idea of how much a fan of nail polishes I am by now. I am very much an amateur. I follow a fair few nail bloggers but there is no one quite like Jacie, from You've Got Nail. Her expertise in nail polish is phenomenal, application is flawless, photography outstanding, and her style of writing absolutely delightful. To top it all of, Jacie is super approachable and friendly. Today, she has written a blog post very dear to my heart, and accepted a request to write a guide on how to work with nail polishes according to their finishes.


"Not all lacquers are created equal.  Cremes, shimmers, glitters, holographics, neons: all perform differently and, as a result, require different techniques to make them work"
Click  here to read her guide.

If you don't know You've got Nail, you will probably spend an hour browsing her blog, the first time you go there.  You've been warned :) Oh and she’s on YouTube too. I leave you with some gems :) x


Mercedes said...

Great post!!!! :-)

Pandora said...

Yes you warned me, and no I didn't pay heed, and now I'm watching manicure videos instead of getting through the mountain of things I'm supposed to be doing...... tut tut.... :P

emalyce89 said...

Thank you for sharing! I checked out her blog and the guide and love it! =]

Sue said...

This is great! I got into nails about 3 months at the most I wanna say and I am still in the getting better at it.. I am looking forward to read the blog post she did!

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