Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Bargains Alert in the Gosh Corner

It's sale time at Superdrug and there are plenty of bargains to be made in the gosh corner. The absolutely gorgeous limited edition polishes (if they are any left in your store, that is) are now ALL half price. You can see me wearing the groovy grey here. They had the misty mauve today in my Superdrug. It was very hard to resist. I am going to think about it overnight, and if it’s still there on Saturday, then it will be a sign that God wants me to buy it :P

And then you have all these little babies as well on sale. I am very tempted to get the foundation. We’ll see if it’s still there on Saturday.


1. GOSH Natural Touch Foundation £4.49 (was £8.99)
2. GOSH Trio Eye Shadow £3.49 (was £7.49)
3. GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick at £4.49 (was £6.49)
4. GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker Berry £4.99 (was £6.99)

Shame the velvet touch eye pencil in lime is not on sale. I have been wanting a nice true lime eye pencil for a while but I feel it’s tad too expensive for me. I could kick myself for not having bagged the nyx equivalent on Cocktail Cosmetics at £1 last week! *slaps forehead*

Any of these bargains piqued your interest? or perhaps it’s the don’t get me started on the miscommunication about the release date of the  cutesy oh my gosh mini polishes (£2.99 for 5ml) which will get you down to your beloved Superdrug?


Sue said...

wowwwwwwwwww everything looks so pretty!


I've not tried any GOSH! They never have sales in my Superdrug, don't think they actually know what a sale is! Loving the Lavender Love nail varnish! That is cute, Mel xxxx

Pink Cupcake said...

WOW! i'm going to be popping into my local Superdrug tomorrow!! :)

femketje said...

that foundation is my fave :D

Karen said...

I saw the Misty Mauve and Lavender Love on Tuesday and they're pretty colours. Are these the mini's? I think the colours are pretty and the bottles are cute but for £2.99 each I'm not too sure. I think that's expense to be honest. BarryM's are £2.99 each and you get more product.

If they are on-sale though I'd definitely look at buying a couple or so but if they're £2.99 each I'd probably just get one to try. I'll have a look in my Superdrug to see what else they have.

I bought the GOSH velvet touch face primer (the peachy coloured age defying one) on Tuesday and it feels so strange but I noticed it kept my makeup on for quite a long time and I didn't wear a setting powder so I recommend it, but its probably not on-sale, it costs £13.99 for the age-defying face primer and the clear liquid one is £14.99.

Thanks Liloo.

I Am Fabulicious said...

Love the Misty Mauve colour!

jaljen said...


Spot reductions. These weren't on sale when I last went in. Dammity dam dam dam.

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