Saturday, 9 July 2011

It’s back, it’s back! :) My ultimate favourite body scrub

I have been mourning the disappearance of this product from the shelves. In fact I've been wondering why they even took it from the shelves. Introducing (again) the fabulous Garnier Bodytonic Sugar Scrub.


What makes it different from other body scrubs? They say:

The BodyTonic smoothing sugar scrub contains active naturally derived ingredients and instantly smoothes the skin whilst respecting it. Its ultra-melting texture leaves the skin soft and toned. The formula contains a unique mixture of sugar, exfoliating particles and natural fruit extract (apple). It eliminates dead cells on the surface, removing impurities etc...

This is my ultimate favourite body scrub and you have no idea how deliriously happy I am it has come back. Now how can I contain my excitement to tell you why I love it so much. I find that lots of body scrubs and exfoliators are too soft and not potent enough. This one is has just the perfect amount of coarseness and it does the best job at smoothing my skin. The consistency reminds me thick gel packed with powerful exfoliating bits of sugar. The consistency is thick but doesn't need extra moisture added in, like I have found with some other scrubs.

Then it has the most luscious fresh citrus fragrance, and bright yellow packaging to go with it. Talking of packaging, the tub has changed slightly: it looks taller and narrower to me but boy it still contains that gorgeous exfoliating nectar which I am extremely fond of. After using it, I feel I need to moisturise soon after the shower but other than that, this scrub is the best thing since a French baguette.


Now for the best part *jumps up and down like a kid at Christmas* it usually retails for £7.14 at Boots but it's half price at the moment till next Tuesday 12 July and you can get it for £3.57. Needless to say that I am going to stock up big time. Oh yes!


Ok, *now* I can go to bed. For real.
What else do I need to get from Boots tomorrow? Let me know in the comments xx


StealMyHeartLove said...

Seems like an amazing product! :) I'm glad you like it.

Lydia said...

I love this stuff too, not sure why i haven't blogged about it! I currently have 4 back ups in my drawers that I've bought when it was half price. So glad it isn't discontinued! xx

Ms Red said...

I used to use the body lotion in that range, Love the scent, might have to pick this up now.


Skin Scrubs said...

I think this is a great drugstore brand exfoliator and I think it's smells like a refreshing G&T! Glad it's back. x

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