Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Night Fever Nails featuring BeautyUK Gold Shatter

I was very excited when BeautyUK released their pink and silver shatter polishes a few weeks ago but part of me wished that they had released a gold shatter polish at the same time.  Well, I dreamt it and they did it. Introducing, hot from the BeautyUK oven, (Saturday) Night Fever, the gold shatter polish at only £2.99.

Ideally, I would wait till my nails are longer to showcase a manicure, but I really couldn't wait to play. There is another reason why I wanted to write about this as soon as possible (special offer which expires tomorrow, details at the bottom of the post) but for now, let's see it worn on the nail, shall we?

The first colour combination which I wanted to experiment was a red and gold one, reminding me of a Chinese Restaurant Take Away. So this is my 'imperial dragon' manicure. (Thank you @loulou699 on twitter for the name)


The red underneath is a red mini polish from Opi, a present from my friend Drew. I absolutely love the way it turned out. The shade of gold is spot on: much warmer and richer that the 17 gold crackle but less mustardy than the W7 equivalent. Perfecto! Hold on to your internet data allowance, let the cavalcade of pictures begin.




Next manicure is very predictable. This is night fever layered over BeautyUK black. How vibrant is that gold over the black. I am now wondering whether I prefer this over the Chinese takeaway manicure.






And last but not least, this is Night Fever shatter over Eyeko Posh Polish. This colour combination reminds me of a delicate silky fabric you would use to cover cushions with. I didn't think this would work but I find the result quite elegant.  Apologies for the miserable photos. This is my right hand and I suck at applying polish on that hand and capturing it is even worse. You could drive a truck in that cuticle gap!



If you're anything like me, and have a small Superdrug, chances are you won't see them in your store, or any shatter polishes for that matter. But that's not a problem: BeautyUK is offering FREE postage if you place an order on the website, and if your order contains a shatter polish. This offer  will expire Sunday 10 July 2011 at midnight.

How much: £2.99
Where: Online, in the special effects section and in some Superdrug stores
Disclosure: This polish was kindly offered by BeautyUK for me to review. Yay!


The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

'drive a truck in that cuticle gap' <3 lol, that was funny. It wasn't even that large a gap, though!

Over black, the gold is gorgeous. I take it you prefer this to the W7 polish?

Also, the price is decent - the same as the MUA ones, cheaper than the Barry M, more expensive than the W7.

Areej Usman said...

I have ordered this too:) Black & Gold reminds me of KATY PERRY'S Song Black & Gold!

Glitterish Allsorts said...

That gold is really eye catching. Fortunately there is a large super drug near me so I think I'll make a quick scan for this next time i'm in. I blame you for my ever increasing nail polish collection :p x

Alhrayth said...

I actually like the last one A LOT! Surely I prefer the black over the red (might be because I'm wearing black bejeweled nails right now?).:)

Daisy said...

Oh wow, looks cool! I wish I had lovely nails like you.

Sue said...

love them all

sahar awan said...

black and gold is perfect combo....

SilhouetteScreams said...

The first one is my favourite, reminds me of a cocktail (you can really tell what's on my mind right now, haha) :D

Louise said...

gogroue looks honey wish I'd gone for the gold now it looks much more vibrant than the ones I have :)

Louise said...

lol gorgeous even I can't type today lol

Big Fashionista said...

Love it. Thanks for this. I have the W7 version and agree with the mustardyness of it. Looks as though it crackles well too.

Toodles off to shops


Madame Gourmand said...

I love love love the gold over black! Amazing x

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

ARGH! I love it over the black (of course)! It's like bling crackle.

Emma Greenwood said...

Annoyingly your crap hand isn't actually crap, what are you on about 'crap hand'?! :) I was sooo tempted by this when I went into Superdrug on Saturday but thought since I rarely use my other crackle polishes it would be a waste of money but now having seen your pictures I want it sooo bad! xx

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