Monday, 29 August 2011

AcheTML and Blogging…

Last night, passionate bloggers gathered again for the #bbloggers twitter chat. The topic yesterday was 'Blog Layout', where bloggers could share their worries around their blog templates and discuss html tricks and tips, useful widgets to have and so on.


I really enjoyed the chat.  If you missed it, feel free to download the full transcript (all tweets from 20:00 to 21:30, raw and unedited) of the chat HERE.

I am quite passionate about the topic, however analysing and summarising a busy twitter chat (the last one I did took me nearly week to go through it all) is simply not feasible anymore, but I still hope you'll find the transcript useful.

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Claire said...

Thank you for the attachment, gives me something to look into when hubby out tomm :)


Ms Red said...

I have done SO much with HTML since the chat last night. With a little help from you and Oh Panda on twitter. Plus the lovely links you sent me.

I now have a non static page linking all my swatches, I have picture icons for previous, next and home. I have a floating 'back to top' so people can get... back to top quickly. I got rid of the 'attribution' and changed it to my own. I have a drop down labels search bar. I have a little speech bubble by my comments box..... and probably more Ive forgotton Ive done.

btw dont ask me HOW I did these things, Ive already forgotten.

Ms Red said...

Oh yeah I centred my 'pages' too... <3

Amy said...

I enjoyed the chat last night! I think html is so hard, but a lot of help can be found on google/twitter :) xxx

MissMathful said...

thatnks for this my love :D

Madame Gourmand said...

Thanks for sharing liloo, I really need to learn some html so I can make my blog a bit less blogger and a bit more me! xx

Steph said...

Thank you for the transcript! Can't wait to read it and give it my full attention and hopefully learn some tips :)

Steph x

Jan said...

Thankyou so much for your hard work. It is much appreciated by a dinosaur like me ;-) x

Jan said...

Just as an update, I decided to go onto one of the websites suggested by someone and have a play - I would really like to get my photos bigger - so I fiddled about with my widths and ended up with all my type squashed to single letters thus:
and could I get the bl**dy thing back? and my 19 year old son was no help whatsoever - he grew up with computers for goodness sake! So I am still a dinosaur :(

KatXoXo said...

ooo I can't wait to check this out!! I am so blogger iliterate!!

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