Monday, 29 August 2011

Les Petits Cadeaux

Hello my little citrouilles,

Today is not an ordinary Monday. It's Bank Holiday in England and lots of us get to have a long lie in bed. I would like to celebrate this happy day by introducing my new baby to you, it's my secondary blog, entitled 'Les Petits Cadeaux'.

Les Petits Cadeaux is French for 'Little Presents' and talks mainly about Blog Giveaways. The Blog is updated once a week and aims to deliver you, every Monday morning, an update on blog giveaways which I come across throughout the week. So every Monday morning. direct to your inbox (or your preferred blog following manner) you can have an update on lots of current beauty blogs giveaways. Your first edition is waiting for you.

Click here or on the picture of a present to access Les Petits Cadeaux and get up to date with lots of cool beauty blog giveaways.


Talking of picture, I would live to give a massive thank you to the kind Sarah Ali who beauty blogs  for letting me reuse her fantastic arty photograph.

RSCN5581 copy

So, what's the English for 'citrouilles' then? :)


Faye said...

Oooo great idea Liloo! Good Luck I'm sure you'll make it a success xx

MissMathful said...

good idea my lovely... pumpkins? :D

Madame Gourmand said...

Great idea! xx

Fum said...

Citrouilles in English is pumpkin :-)
Good idea for a blog.

Rinny said...

Bank holidays are awesome :D Looking forward to excitement on the new blog!

Talei said...

Fabulous idea. I just hope some people don't abuse it, literally just hunting freebies...

Also... no name/URL comment option makes me sad.. had to make a google account cus not using wp blog anymore!

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