Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Early Green Nails and new releases from Gosh

Another day and another little trip to Superdrug. Today, I am taking you to the gosh corner of my little Superdrug to show you an amazing lime green polish by Gosh. This is Early Green, shade 606 (£4.99) It's bright, it's in your face and I love it.


Despite to what the noticeable booboos I've made on my index and middle finger might suggest, this polish was a delight to apply. All my photos show 2 coats of Early Green with no clean up whatsoever. Well, considering the massive gap I’ve left around the cuticle, it’s no wonder I didn’t need any clean up. I am working to reduce that gap. The amount of coverage delivered just after one coat really impressed me.



I leave you with some cheeky snapshots of the latest nail polishes from Gosh. Gosh released 4 gorgeous limited edition nail polishes (£4.99) with a very cute artwork on the bottle. You can hop along to Kelly’s aka Jellyminx Thinks Blog: she has some gorgeous swatches for you.  The 4th colour appears to be black on my dodgy bootleg quick_before_anyone_sees_me  photo but it turns out to be a very dark and elegant bottle green.


Last but not least, Gosh has hopped on the crackle bandwagon and has released 4 shades of 'cracked' nail polishes. The shades looks very nice, the design on the bottle cap too and the promotional picture delicious and inviting. However, I feel that, personally they will struggle to sell their shades of crackled polish (£5.49) which is such a shame.

*cue uncontrolled rambling*


On average, each company which I have seen doing crackle polish sell the product for £1 more than the normal polish. Beautyuk usually sells their polishes at £1.99 so their shatter polish is sold at £2.99. Barry M would usually sell their traditional polishes at £2.99 and the crackle version at £3.99. Gosh, by contrast has only amped their prices by £0.50 which is really generous but the competition they're facing is too hard.

To give you an example, my tiny little Superdrug has a permanent table put out, with chairs and white towel on which could almost look like a nail technician work station. On this improvised station, 3 plaquettes displaying a multitude of nails, showcasing Barry M crackles and the various colour combinations you can get.

This workstation is there all the time, from the minute they open the store till 5.30pm when they close it. Client goes in, see the 'exhibition' and no one sees the MUA crackles, the Beautyuk nor the Gosh ones. I feel a bit sorry for the other brands really. Do you think, in the case of my shop, Barry M felt suddenly threatened and decided on this tactical approach? I was a bit rude one day. Shop assistant was demonstrating the Barry M polishes and I barged in and went: It's the gold crackle you want, it's better :) I am not sure which one she bought in the end.

I couldn't work in Superdrug, I'd be wanting to push the underdogs forward and would get fired for it... I am surprised they even let me in as a customer. I bet they think 'Oh that's the weirdo which comes in every Saturday...


MissMathful said...

i love the bright green. i have to say i totally havent got on with the crackle trend, i think i will just leave it alone lol :D


Fum said...

The superdrug by me is always pushing the barry m polishes which is annoying as the MUA ones are much better and cheaper. I wish all the companies wouldn't do the same colour crackle polishes as well.

xmisslorix said...

that green is amazing it looks really creamy which is strange for a lime colour, i love it though.
The new polishes are really nice too I had a look at them in store the light navy one is very pretty.
I've not tried the crackle ones from gosh yet but I keep meaning to xx

Helly said...

It's only going to get worse, Barry M have bought out a gold crackle I think. I feel sorry for the beauty UK and MUA stands too, they're always filthy dirty and understocked. But the staff in my Superdrug are miserable buggers anyway...

Jenn said...

such a pretty summer color!

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

I love this green. such a unique BAAM in your face color

kt_gray_3 said...

This green is GORGEOUS - I'm totally popping into my local Superdrug at lunch time to have a gander at their new line! They've started stocking "mememe" too, the Benefit dupe - ACES!

This would look amazing with one of your Sleek Acid Palette make up looks!

Katie x


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