Saturday, 20 August 2011

Sleek Saturday – Sassy ... Smurfy Sunset

My, my, my! This week has been really challenging for me, probably the most challenging episode of my Sleek Saturday Series so far. Please, please, stay with me till the end of this post to see who else have joined in the Sleek Saturdays Series this week :)

This week, Helen and Ellie have challenged me to use my Sleek Makeup Palette. The Sunset Palette is a truly gorgeous palette but it contains mainly shimmery shadows apart from the black. As I don’t wear shimmery eyeshadow in the crease of my eye and beyond the crease, it was mission impossible straight from the start. Or was it?


I had 2 options: give up totally the challenge and use another Sleek makeup palette or cheat a little bit and add an eyeshadow from another Sleek palette. I have got pride and I hate giving up things, soooo I was left with no other option than to incorporate a little bit of brown. This series has taught me a lot and I’ll probably will want to get rid of this palette afterwards as it has proven too difficult for me to use.

Without further ado, my predictable look:



And now for the full face, obviously not happy with my look, for having cheated this week:



Do you feel this look is representative of the Sleek Sunset Palette?
Something is missing, don’t you think? Let’s add a bit of blue.

As I don’t really like blue on my lower lashline or waterline, how about blue … eyebrows?
Shall we go ahead with that and have a bit of fun?



Nah, this is not working. This blue shadow is not ‘popping out’ as bright as I wanted to. Introducing my trusted Ben Nye face paint (will blog about this someday as I loooove it) since this week is a fail and I’ve cheated already :(

OK. I think this is QUITE blue enough! It was fun playing with my eyebrows. Sadly this palette is not doing it for me, as it predominantly shimmery.

Ladies and gentlemen, give a big hand to the sleekettes for this week.

Fum: and

I am so so so sorry to have run out of time for the faces-in-the-sleek-pans feature :/
I lost the files for the pictures I had already prepared and now I am running of time to post this on time. I’ll do better next week. My god, I am a disappointment this week!


Claire@Eyelining said...

Very Halloween Chic (which I love). Gorgeous liner too. I would kill to have your lid space to play with! x

jaljen said...

It's very......bright.

xmisslorix said...

I love the blue eyebrows so crazy, I'd like to see you go out with them on for milk:P
very pretty look though, I love the shimmer on you xxx

Kat said...

I really love this look - I was just looking through me Sleek palettes last night and forgot I have Sunset - it's practically untouched so I really must do something with it. Love your blending skills x

BekahCat said...

Aww, don't get rid of the palette that look is so pretty!
Everytime I go into Superdrug it's sold out, maybe I'll strike lucky by the time I get paid, I need another sleek palette... :P

I love the look on you!

Ps. This mobile template makes it so much easier to comment! :)

Tanja said...

I was totally agreeing when I read "Let's add some blue". Then I saw the blue eyebrows and literally lol'ed, haha. Love the eyelook, very sunset-like! x

Misseblog said...

Love the sunset look :) x

Imo said...

It's a shame there's not one shadow without shimmer part from black. IMO cheating is allowed in cases such as this

Lyuba-chan said...

I love the look! I think you captured the image of "sunset" quite well :) Sunset is my favorite palette too, so I'm always happy to see people using it! :)

mizzworthy said...

I loved the look you created! And the brows? SMURFTASTIC!

esteeem said...

ooh looks halloween-y/pumpkin-y .. i like!
I totally forgot to enter for the sleek saturday today... doh! next week tho I hope to.. must set a reminder!! <3

Sarah Ali / Glossicious said...

damn woman ! you keeep coming up with amazing breath taking eye makeup. i loved the smurfs in the last photo

Fum said...

Great bold look, really like it :-)
Thank you for letting me join in sleek saturday with you, it was fun x

Robyn said...

Smurf me, I love those eyebrows! Gorgeous look with and without the crazy brows Liloo :)

(I use NYX JEP in Milk on my brows first when I colour them, fyi. My brows are quite light but it might help.)

femketje said...

gorgeous look!

30SomethingMel said...

I love the blue ;) ok maybe not but I did like the red you used, that was striking! I don't own this palette but find if there is too much shimmer in a palette it gets put on the shelf once I've swatched it - just don't tell my other half! I told him I use them all the time ;) You are just too talented Liloo!
Love Mel xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh wow eyeshadow is fabulous :).

Strawberry Blonde said...

I think this is amazing - actually love your eyeshadow!
nic x

MissMathful said...

this is a good way for you to know which colours you use often, i love the eyeshadow look thoguh its great :D

Nanethiel said...

first time on your blog, and this just blew me away..

missy_ellie_uk said...

Muahahahaha! The blue eyebrows made me laugh out loud!

Seriously love the look you have created though, I don't think it's predictable at all and I'm glad you cheated a little bit rather than giving up on the palette altogether.

Ellie x

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