Sunday, 25 September 2011

Crackle me madly notdees

If you're tired of the crackle nail polish trend, you might want to turn away now. If you still enjoy playing with crackle polishes, these might interest you. When 17 cosmetics released their gold crackle, I was only midly interested. It was not bright and in-your-face gold enough for my liking and I happily skipped it. A little bit more recently 17 cosmetics came back with 2 new additions to their crackle family and released these 2 babies: a vibrant purple crackle and a really original crackle: a mixture of gold, glitter and black crackle.



I think I've already found my perfect purple crackle. It's BROKEN ARROW from MUA Cosmetics and it's perfect on every aspect. I like Broken Arrow so much that not only it's my favourite purple crackle but it might be my favourite crackle polish of all. So I didn't have much hope for the Boots 17 purple crackle to impress me.

I decided to use GAMMA from Illamasqua as a base  for my first play and I was really taken by surprise. The vibrancy of the purple is absolutely amazing. It is not as metallic intense as Broken Arrow (but this is turn makes it easier to photograph) but it has the most gorgeous blue undertone which comes to life when a powerful light hit it.


I love the way the crackle created this x shape on my middle finger


Application was easy, even though I have found the formula a bit thick. I like my crackle to be quite chunky so I had to make a point to load the brush to the max before applying the crackle polish onto my nails.



I have yet to ascertain if using a nail polish thinner would alter the crackle formulation or whether it would still crackle? Does anyone of you know?

I was quite excited to try the gold/black/and glitter polish. I decided to use a nude polish underneath: NUDE CHAMPAGNE by Gosh which I am absolutely obsessed with at the moment. This crackle is very unique. In fact, it's so different from any crackle polish that I've known that I would like NOT to call it crackle. Whilst the finished effect is gorgeous and give you ultimate party nails in an instant, the crackle effect is much more subtle. It doesn't crackle as much as 'normal crackles'. Could it be because of the chunky glitter inside it?



I couldn't stop looking at my nails whilst I was wearing this combo but I kept on wishing the glitter had been more fine. Removal as expected was quite laborious because of the chunky glitter. This polish presents the usual glitter dilemma for me. Is it gorgeous enough for me to put up with the removal process.



If you're expecting this polish to be a true crackle, you'll be disappointed. If you're in a rush, and have 2 minutes to jazz up your chipped nude nails before a party: you'll be in love with this and all eyes will be on you too.

I am lucky. I didn’t have to buy these 2 polishes as my friend from work bought them 2 days ago. Me thinks she should leave them in the office all the time :)

As far as I know, these crackle polishes don't have a name.
How would you call them?

What? 17 Cosmetics Nail Extras Crackle Top Coat
How much? £3.99
Where: any boots, even the 'crap' little ones :)

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Kim said...

I absolutely love MUA Broken Arrow too! I love the way it cracks. The 17 Gold/Black Glitter crackle looks interesting, kind of a chunky crackle. Might pick it up xx

nihrida said...

Oh my, the second one is amazing! I immediately thought of dragons and eggs when I saw it. And George Martin books. And Danaerys. In fact, I'd call it Danaerys. It's gorgeous!

Emma Greenwood said...

I love both of these, I've been wearing them non-stop since I bought them. Especially the purple one, like nihrida said, I can't stop thinking of dragon eggs lolzz. I love them, favourite crackles so far. They both look even more amazing with a topcoat! xxx

Emma Greenwood said...

The black and gold one looks amazing over a bright pink and I put the purple one over Revlon Stormy + Models Own Pro Swan Lake and it looked AMAZING. This photo doesn't do it justice but I didn't get another snap haha xxx

Ana said...

I really like how both combinations look :) .

Anonymous said...

Nice affects, but Im a bit 'off' crackles atm. They dont last long before combining into a bit sticky mass in the bottle. :(

Bon Vivant Clique said...

I love the first combo! I agree that the glitter would be better fine on the second though.

Love J.

Adrienne said...

I really like the black/gold version there's something quite luxe about it. The orange and purple combo is lovely, very halloween-y but I think everything is halloween-y. I'm obsessed haha! xxx

Kat said...

I bought the black/gold one as well but yours seems to crackle a lot better. The glitter in mine doesn't crackle at all, just the black underneath. I doesn't look very good :(

Talei said...

I quite like that second one! But I agree, finer glitter would be better...

Nailish Ramblings said...

I think OPI said it's fine to put thinner in their shatters and the ChG ones dry up quite quickly so people have used thinner in those. So based on that I'm pretty sure it should be ok to use thinner in the 17 ones.

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE LOOK AT THE GLITTERY ONE. LOOK AT IT. Glitter polishes are easy to remove if you just soak a bit if cotton wool in remover, wrap over your nail, scrumple foil over the top and wait 10 minutes. Saves the annoying scrubbing!

WhiteLily said...

Gorgeous! Loving the glitter one! But a bit heavy, I agree. The Broken arrow crackle looks amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that crackle only works if one is accomplished at applying polish, I know that it is meant to be easy, and needs no skill but belive me I have spent far to many hours watched models on QVC kill this look, but you have the necessary skill and the beautiful nails to make this instantly desirable. Thankyou xx

MissMathful said...

hmm im still undecided about crackle, one day i will actually have to try it myself :S

Cydonian said...

GAHHH THE GOLDDDD. Amazing. I need it.

nicoletta said...

Ooooh im loving the gold. Aggggh i dont want to buy more polish but i want it. Dilema xx

Summer said...

This is soooo cool! I really like how you paired the colors, purple and orange look so awesome together <3

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