Saturday, 10 September 2011

Peridot Mirage

Before apologising for this cruelly deceiving and non eventful title, I wanted to talk briefly about the tumbleweeds on my little jardin this week. I'm not going to apologise for my absence: Doing so would be very pretentious and imply that I might think the world stops going round when I don't blog or that I'm 'contracted' to blog every other day. I'm no under any contract but it's right to assume that things are not going too well when I don't update my blog for a week.

Work is not going so well at the minute. The project I had been working on for years had come to an end and whilst I have been lucky to keep my job, I've been given a new project to work on, project which is quite difficult to get my head round. on top of having to readjust to working life again and sensible sleeping patterns (I had been off work for a month) this project has been leaving me absolutely drained every day, with no energy left to post, including posting even some 'nearly ready' posts, with ready to insert photos' with minimal work involved. This 'new job' will also explain the relative quietness on twitter front. A week has passed, I have gained no further understanding of the big picture of this new job but I have pacified myself resigning myself to stop trying to understand the whys of everything, the big picture and just concentrating on tasks given, hoping that the jigsaw will piece itself eventually and one day I understand more what I am doing.

Anyway. It's the week end and week end means one thing: the weekly trip to Boots and Superdrug to check out whether there are some exciting new products to be swatched, played with, desired and purchased.

It's all gone a bit mad at Boots at the moment. Mad in a good way. The recent bank holiday week end in August saw a massive (near) triple points (10 points per pound spent instead of the usual 4) operation for your advantage and now, Boots on top of trying flogging off their no.7 products have an autumn operation on, which means 3 for 2 offers on countless makeup items. What to buy? There are new releases right, left and centre and you are spoilt for choice.

On the 17 Cosmetics front, it's bye bye (already) the nude palette free for 2 purchases of any items from 17 Cosmetics and hello new autumn shades. The promotion pictures are gorgeous and features a look alike of Ashley (HollywoodNoir makeup on youtube) wearing greens, plums and gold. The collection features some new trios eyeshadows but it's the nail polishes which first caught my attention.


See the first polish on the left? The bronze gold with a bit of green on the side. Well my heart skipped a bit when I saw it as it reminded me straight away of Chanel Peridot and I am absolutely desperate for a UK company to release a dupe of Peridot.  My own photograph is no better but I’ll share it anyway:


It was all a mirage unfortunately. You can still see the green shimmer on the outside of the bottle when you roll the bottle in your hand but this is no dupe of Peridot. My heart is broken. Fury is a gorgeous gold but I’ve got plenty of gold polishes at home and I couldn’t justify buying it. The girl on the promotional picture above will give you an idea of what it looks like.

Along with the launch of this autumn collection, prominent spot has been given to the 2 new shades of crackle polishes: a gorgeous black and gold mixed together and a purple crackle:


Still not tempted to part with your hard earned pennies? Maybe these will tempt you. Feast your eyes on the Magnetized Polishes from 17 due to be released on 21 September in selected Boots shops.


Curious about them? Boots made a little video to introduce us to magnetized polishes and show us how to apply it.

So that was me reporting from my local Boots and my dodgy clandestine photos.

Anything tempting you?


Pandora said...

Well done, am loving your espionage techniques! LOL Would love to see one of those magnetic polishes in a deep red shade, I think the effect would look awesome!

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

NEED. NEEEED the magnetic polishes! Well, I say polishes - just the purple and blue. I love novelty products haha.

Anonymous said...

I've already bought sulk the green polish. I nearly got the gold and purple too but they are part the permanent line so I'll get them another time. The e/s is to shimmery for me but I like the look of the magnetic polishes


Kelly said...

Congrats on the new job lovely :)

Want all those polishes! Might run out and get them tomorrow :) Those magnetized ones are freaking cool!

Kelly x

princesselfy said...

I'm tempted by the blue magnetic polish...

Anonymous said...

I NEED a magnetic polish, eep! x

Hollie said...

I bought fury, its GORGEOUS!X

Jenn said...

wow congrats on the new job!!!

Stitchinwitch said...

Well I know the magnetized nail polish will definitely be gracing my nails (and my daughter's) in at least 1 shade. Very tempted by Sulk and I think lil miss will be wanting revenge. I see a girly shop coming up

Jess said...

Those nail polishes look so cool, I want!

MissMathful said...

congrats on keeping your job. dont worry about the project i feel the same right now, i have lost the inital excitement of starting something new but am so far from the end i am yet to see the light at the end of the tunnel... keep plodding on :D

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