Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Steamy Glow Makeup Look

Today I want to share with you a gorgeous little eye shadow I bought from Loulou in a past blog sale. This is Steamy, from Rimmel. Despite being all shimmery, the colours are absolutely gorgeous, very well pigmented and blend easily into the skin.



I've used this eyeshadow trio three times now but on all these occasions I've been unhappy with the pictures I took from my looks. This is the less worst of them. If I could go back, I'd change the lip colour wouldn't have had an orange lower lashline, made my brows darker and put less darn highlighter on my browbone.


I do love this lipstick (it’s called My Beautiful Rocket, from Limecrime - blogged in detail here) but not with this look. The lashes, if you are wondering are my beloved Ardell 131 which I just can’t get enough at the moment.


All in all, I am not happy at all with my look, I feel it does not give any justice to the look but I've promised Loulou to publish it anyway. It's best to consider this as an eye swatch rather than a look look.


To make your click on my blog more worthwhile, I've swatched the other item I bought from Loulou. Have a looks on this gorgeous blush and highlighter. Unlike Steamy from Rimmel, this is still available to buy from Boots. Don't ask me how much as I got this for peanuts but being a product from 17 Cosmetics, this won't break the bank. I am afraid I don't have any decent pictures of me wearing Blush and Glow but I hope the swatch below will be able to show you its potential.


Pretty, huh? So pretty that I've wearing the 'glow' part on top of a pale eyeshadow (vanilla from mac) and made up a pale champagne colour on my eyes.

What can I say? You can take the girl out of the high street, but you can't take the high street from the girl :)

I love loulou, she's a great friend on twitter, buys makeup I would want to buy myself and knows everything there is to know about census returns :P She's on holidays at the moment but she's having a blog giveaway at the moment, to celebrate her 500 blog followers. Click here on the picture below if you want to take part.

Oh, I might just as well remind you about my other blog. I've started this blog which is mainly about giveaways. It's updated every monday morning at 06.00am, before breakfast time, to brighten your monday morning. I called it 'Les Petits Cadeaux' (French for Little Presents) but I find myself referring to it as Giveaway Gazette. I update it once a week with giveaways I find whilst reading my blog subscriptions. Bloggers can also submit their giveaway there.


Robyn said...

That gold colour is lovely! And please lady, WHAT are you wearing on your lips?! I need it I need it I need it. I need it.

Siddy said...

Oh my!! Im so envious!! You're so darn good at this!!

SilhouetteScreams said...

Damn, I need both products! I want to smother that 17 compact all over my face :P

MissMathful said...

i think you are being too hard on yourself, i think you look lovely :D

Kat said...

such a stunning look - you are the blending queen!

youlittlebeauty said...

Love that Blush & Glow, might have to keep my eye out for it...

missy_ellie_uk said...

I've got that Blush & Glow, it's fab - never thought of using the highlight as an eyeshadow though, thanks!

I really like the look you have created with Steamy too x

kt_gray_3 said...

Oh Liloo, I've missed your eyeshadow looks whilst I've been away from the blogosphere! Can't wait to catch up on the rest of your recent posts. Blush and Glow is extremely pretty - I'm a huge fan of soft pinks at the moment.


Katie xxx

PS: I think this look is wonderful - don't put yourself and your awesome skills down Missy!!! x

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Looking cute, Can you please tell me some natural skin glowing tips?

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