Friday, 30 September 2011

The unconfessable

No makeup or nail polish talk today. Today, I would like to share with you the story of my friend.


I have this friend who have a irrational phobia of dentists. As much she can, she would try anything to delay visits to the dentist. She's convinced that all dentists are butchers, who are there to hurt you and who have no heart, compassion and understanding with people with a fear of the dentist. This friend lost half of one tooth years ago because of it as she was too scared to have a filling. Today, I took my friend to the dentist, for a regular scale and polish,  where she specifically asked to have a whole mouth numbed.

How she managed to sit still through countless injections in the mouth, I do not know. A bit drastic and pathetic for a deep clean you will certainly agree but she couldn't manage to receive the treatment otherwise. She did it and words can't describe how happy she was when it was over. Tears running down her face, she could barely speak but she had to tell the dentist and the assistant she loved them, how much they rocked to have been so amazing and patient. You would have thought it was child birth almost. I don't remember seeing someone so moved and happy.

Despite the intense bliss and the emotion, there was still something at the back of her mind which was nagging her: 2 things to be precise.

We'll start with the frivolous one. 'Do whitening toothpastes work, and which one would you recommend?' she asked. Dentist replied that he was strongly against any kind of whitening toothpastes available on the market as they are abrasive. You could tell she was not happy with the answer. She insisted and had the dentist admitting that only 'costly cosmetic treatments are truly effective' and recommending his favourite toothpaste, some toothpaste from Oral B and handed her a sample.


There was something a bit more personal which was nagging her. I believe it has been nagging her for a whole and she felt it was now or never to open up and speak to someone about it. 'What would you recommend for bad breath' she mumbled through her numbed mouth, 'people won't have courage to tell me, but I think I can tell, the way they behave around me (...)

Dentist said explained that b.b (I hope you don't mind this abbreviation) was caused by bacteria, this bacteria creating 'sulphur particles' in your mouth. He recommended my friend to go and get a mouth and wash, not any kind of mouth wash: a 'hydrogen peroxide mouthwash' easily available from a chemist. She left the dentist, tears of happiness uncontrollably running down her face, a mouth numbed, a giant tissue to wipe out any occasional dribble, and a post it note with 'hydrogen peroxide' on it

Together, we went to Boots and Superdrug and bought these products in a bid to combat the problem.


I can't tell if these products work and if these will be enough to relieve her burden but she's excited to try. I am not sure if I should share her story with you. I don't know why I am nervous, it's her who has the embarrassing problem, not me right?
{awkward pause}

B.B might be one of *the* most taboo and embarrassing things to talk about. How do you tell your friend about it? Do they even know? They might be already aware of it, and give themselves stomach-ache with the amount of mints and gum they ingest or they might be totally oblivious to it.  If you happen to have a 'friend' who is also concerned about b.b, you have all my compassion {hug}

{another awkward pause goes here}

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RIA said...

I'm always on the hunt for a whitening toothpaste. I really liked Colgate max white one (the one thats meant to make you teeth whiter in one week). It definately worked the only problem was you had to brush your times 3 times a day so not the most convenient. I think so many people worry about there teeth so this is a welcome post. Thanks lilo.

Ria x

sasdothat said...

toothpastes in general are abrasive.

I watched a documentary on a cleaning agents that is in most of our shampoos/toothpastes and so on. They did a test whit a general toothpaste to see how abrasive it is. Now a normal toothpaste may not be as abrasive as whiting ones but it still happens. (I know i am a starting to babble a bit) but in a few whiting toothpastes you will find that bred soda in a key ingredient and a lot of people us this as a home maid way to whiten their teeth. they just mix the bread soda in with their normal toothpaste and brush but this to be only done ever 2 weeks as it is more abrasive than whiting toothpastes that you would find on the market.

anyway I hope you found my babble interesting :)xx

Perdita said...

Another cause of bad breath - which dentists don't mention because they are interested in mouths - is valves that don't shut properly in the stomach, and some lung complaints like asthma. Basically these smell different from sour breath; either of phlegm or literally rotten food. The smell indicates the presence of the phlegm or that there's reflux from the stomach. It's important to see a Dr about these, as well as the breath, the actual health issues can be quite serious.

Anonymous said...

This has reminded me I have a post to write on Pearl Drops soon... I always use pearl drops but dont really feel they do a huge amount lol.

Im paranoid about my teeth to the point I wont do an open mouthed smile. But there's nothing actually wrong with the health of my teeth (thank goodness) and no fear of the dentists for me, my mother used to work at one.


MissMathful said...

i dont use a whitening toothpaste becuase i know they arent great, i just tend to pick the toothpaste and mouth wash with the highest fluoride count i can find :D

2espresso said...

Aw, your poor friend, I'm sure she was terribly afraid.. but it's awesome that it went ok in the end!

There are actually a few dentists around in my area that are specifically qualified & advertising for fear patients. .. which is pretty great I think, though I don't really care as I have no dentist phobia.

Brushing/cleaning the tongue is also supposed to help a lot with the bacteria that causes bad breath, apparently people often forget about doing that (it's called brushing teeth, not brushing mouth afterall..)

Kat said...

I hate dentists as well, but I'm more terrified of needles! There's no way they'd be sticking any in my mouth!

I know whitening toothpastes are abrasive but I still use them. That Oral-B one is actually quite good, I noticed a difference when I was using it.

I agree with that brushing your tongue is great for avoiding bad breath. Sometimes a dry mouth can cause it too, there are specific mouthwashes and other products for treating dry mouths you can get from any pharmacy.

Ruth said...

If its any consolation, I actually thought you meant an actual friend until the first awkward pause :P

Anonymous said...

Great post, I'm allergic to toothpaste - try explaining that to a dentist! x

Anonymous said...

Great post! I have very sensitive teeth and had problems whiten my teeth with Crest because of hydrogen peroxide. Stella Whites pen is free of peroxide and I have had no problems at all using it! :)

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