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Flair and Vixen False Lashes: A review and a giveaway

Alongside their cute Lovehearts Collection, Mua Cosmetics also released a range of recession friendly false lashes. The Company got in touch with me to see if I  wanted to review some for them. Little they know that I already ordered them in  the same hour the lashes were available on the online store. I am a massive fan  of lashes, and I was dying to see what I could get for £2 of my hard earned  money. Out of the 5 styles available on the collection, I decided to order  'Flair' (a subtle pair of eyelashes designed to enhance your natural lashes by  lengthening them) and the Vixen Lashes, for a full on volume effect.


Let's have a look at exhibit, my natural barely there lashes. I am sure you will  agree that they need all the help they can.



I usually go for volumizing lashes  rather than lengthening ones but I really wanted to try a more natural model, in  a bid to wear them for work without attracting too much attention.



Despite a thick looking lashline, Flair were very easy to apply on my lid and  needed very minimal trimming on the outer corner. I wanted to see how they could  improve the look of my lashes without doing any preliminary work to my lashes so  I refrained from curling my lashes and adding mascara. The result? A very natural  effect, perhaps too natural for me and it didn't really do anything for my  stupidly short and thin lashes really.




I think these would look good if you have  fuller lasher than me and if you blend your own lashes with the false ones. I  usually rely on the lashes to do the full work for me and Flair didn't work hard  enough for me. It's my fault really, to have wanted to step out of my comfort  zone and go for something a little different.

Now now now, ladies and gentlemen, here comes Vixen. I am not  going to beat around the bush here: Vixen totally blew me away and I can't  believe the drama I've managed to achieve for just £2.



Application was a doddle,  it felt like the lashes were made for my own eyes as they didn't need any  trimming whatsoever. When does this ever happen? They were so easy to apply. I  used my own glue (Eylure) so I couldn't tell you what they would be like with the  MUA glue. The lashline holding the soft flutter of lashes is thicker than my  ultimate favourites lashes in the world (Eylure and Ardell) but it didn't impact  on how easy the lashes were to apply.




As for the 'finish' of the lashes, they have a slight shine to them, but they are  definitely not as offensively shiny many budget lashes tend to be. I love the  edgy spikey shape to them, the length is spot on and I love their sturdy yet  pliable composition. Those of you who prefer human hair lashes, or lashes trying  to replicate the look of your natural lashes would want to stay from Vixen. Vixen  is about full on volume, full on drama and what they lack in 'human hair looking  feel' they gain in durability. These bad boys are going to last you a long time,  make your £2 go even further while your typical Eylure or Ardell will start to  look a bit sorry for themselves after the 4th time you've worn them with mascara  and all that jazz.



I went to Sainsbury’s wearing my Vixen and this makeup this evening. The lady at the till complimented me on them. I was a bit shy but happy at the same time. Because sometimes I can’t take a compliment, I pointed her to look at my attempt at contouring the cheeks. She agreed it was crap but she kindly said ‘It is difficult to do, isn’t’. Bless her Smile


When Vixen they finally arrive in my Superdrug, there is no doubt I am going to  stock up on them for myself and for my best friend at work. My mind doesn't  compute how they can be at £2. It's like the meal deal TV advert for Subway: you  can scratch your head all you want, you can't get your head round how much you  can get for your money.

It can't get any better than that, or can it?
Yes it can. I have 1 spare pair of Vixen and Flair to give away to one of you, my  lovely readers.

This giveaway is for all my blog readers from all over the world. It will end on Monday, 5 March 2012, 23.59 GMT (UK).  

  How to enter

All I would like you to do is to tell me in the comments below: 
Tell me about a pair of false eye lash that you have repurchased many times, or anything else you want to me about false eyelashes 
--- your name
--- your email address
--- how you found out about this giveaway

  Any additional entries? Yes

I don’t usually do this for self funded giveaways but since MUA Cosmetics have kindly donated the prize, you may tweet about the giveaway to gain an additional entry:
”Win a pair of @MUAcosmetics #vixenflair Flair and Vixen False Lashes on @tsunimee’s blog:


1. This comment giveaway is opened to all my blog readers, from anywhere around the world who follow me through Google connect, Google Reader, bloglovin, hellocotton or by email.
2. Please make sure to answer the comment giveaway question:
Tell me about a pair of false eye lash that you have repurchased many times, or anything else you want to me about false eyelashes
3.  This giveaway will end on Monday, 5 March 2012, 23.59 GMT (UK).
4.  There will be 1 winner and the winner will be sent the 2 pairs of lashes
5.  Winner will be chosen at random with
6.  If you have tweeted about this giveaway, please make sure to enter the tag #vixenflair and to have pasted the url of the giveaway correctly as I won’t be able to count your additional entry otherwise.


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Lashes were purchased by myself. Mua Cosmetics kindly donated me a spare pair for the giveaway.


Sirena Sparklestar said...

I buy the MAC 34s the most - I just love 'em!

Sirena Sparklestar
email: sirenasparklestar at gmail dot com
I follow you on bloglovin' :)

Ana said...

There's a almost-no-name brand, Magic Girl, and I repurchased their number 40.
But they don't have consistent offer, so I don't know if I'll find them again.

They look like the first pair you've tried, only they're elongated, not round.

Ana5raa [at] gmail [dot] com
I follow you via GFC, so you've popped up in my reader :) .

Perdita said...

I'm dead boring and stick to Boots own brand (as they often have offers). I don't need them for day-to-day as I'm pale with long dark lashes, but being into 60s/70s vintage big lashes are a must for a night out! I love these ones. They look great quality for the price I will definitely check them out.

Nanethiel said...

Unfortunately I have only two pairs of false lashes, both from Essence, and their single lashes too. they're okay, but I really want to try Red Cherry lashes or these from MUA! =)

name: Nanethiel (on GFC)

email: nanethiel 13 @ gmail . com

I found out about the giveaway through you blog! :D

rani de leyla said...

I'm actually a newbie when it comes to False lashes - I've only wore them once when my friend helped me apply some Eyelure lashes so would love to try out MUAs!
PS I found out about your giveaway as I'm already a follower! :)

ali82a said...

Unfortunately I don't have any pairs of false lashes, but I really want to try them!! :)

name: ali82a (on GFC)
I shared on twitter:
Finger crossed!!

mazbian said...

Ive only used false lashes once but im starting my traing to be a wakeup artist soon so need to start learning about them. So think these would be a great starting point,

Sidrah!!!! said...

I've never used false lashes! I would love to start out by some from MUA cuz I think they make some amazing products. These would definitely be a great way to start.

Name: Sidrah
Email: Beauteousblog (at) gmail (dot) com
I found out about this bc I am an avid reader of your blog! :)

Valens said...

Hello Liloo!!!
I love so much false lashes, the first time I used them I needed lot of time to wear them but the result was so great that I totaly fall in love!
My name is Valens (GFC) and my mail is
I've found the post in my blogger dashboard, I'm a long time follower ;-)
I've shared on twitter:!/Valenspervoi/status/173744791312539648
Have a nice day

Jennius - Gold Speck Nails said...

The lashes I buy are a lot like flair, and for night time I just stick an extra half on the outer corners.

GFC: Jennius - Gold Speck Nails

I found out about this giveaway because I follow you via GFC, and you're in my reading list :]

arra said...

False lashes makes my eyes look a million bucks!I use any drugstore brand,cant afford expensive brands.

gfc arra


peniam said...

Believe me or not but..I have never bought any false lashes yet! And it's not because my own are so long and I do not need..not at all!! It's just like that and I have no explanation.. I'd love to try though ;)
Found your blog on Hellocotton
Thank you!!

Gemma Meredith said...

I bought some No7 lashes that were really long at the ends and shorter in the midddle for a sixties fancy dress, not expecting to wear them again. But the shape is so flattering and the quality is really good, esepcially seen as i bought them with the £5 off voucher so they were only a few pounds.
I found out about this as i follow you on bloglovin
Thanks for the giveaway xxx

agnieszkazg said...

Someday I bought "no named" fake eyelashes and I'll never buy them again! I looked with them like a clown :)
name: Agnieszka
bloglovin': agnieszkazg
I found your blog here:

OohLadyBeGood said...

I have secretly wanted to try false lashes for a long time now but was always too affraid to do it.

Maybe with the MUA ones being so affordable I can give it a try =)

name&GFC: oohladybegood
I found you while searching for MUA reviews on google

veveblond said...

I love MAC False Eyelashes because they are very easy to apply
name: andra Victoria
GFC: veveblond
email address:
I found out about this giveaway from

veveblond said...


alivingdiary said...

the only lashes i've ever re-purchased are the girls aloud (haha) sarah & Cheryl lashes. they look very much like the second pair of the MUA ones.

i'm not very good at aplying lashes so i usually leave it for times when i want to look fanciest! like nights out :) although the first pair here look so natural.

Helly said...

I've never repurchased any lashes because to be honest I don't go out very often so one pair lasts me a long time! But the last pair I got were from Collection 2000 and were great, the glue that came with them was really fab for such a cheap pair of lashes :)
GFC name-NailNewbie, email helen_louise_is at yahoo dot co dot uk
And I tweeted as @Hellbelluk x

littlepickle said...

Thanks for this giveaway :)

I've repurchased Ardell's Demi Wispies many, many times, but their #120s are pretty amazing too :) These lashes look so cool!

I'm Lani, and my email address is beadedjewellerynz at gmail dot com. I follow you via Google Reader :)

Cristina said...

Cristina Gondos
The false lashes I only own are the one that Katty Perry has, and I have to say they are awesome
GFC Cristina
Email address
My sister told me.
I twitted about the giveaway!/GondosCristina/status/176589630538399746
Thanks for the giveaway

Ashley Monroe said...

Your choice of topic is interesting that gives me reason to finish my reading.

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