Saturday, 25 February 2012

Smoky, Stormy and ... Scenty from Revlon {notds}

When Revlon released its first scented polishes, I couldn't help but feeling very unimpressed. The concept of 'scented polish' make some people feel a big uneasy and uncomfortable. I was very much welcoming the idea but the concept didn't quite work out for me. I was faced with a huge dilemma: It had to be a compromise between the shade of the polish (which is essentially why you buy a nail polish for, right?) and the scent.

If I wanted the orange polish, I had to contend with the smell of papaya, which is by no means my favourite smell. I blame my mother for that and a childhood growing up surrounded by nauseatingly smelly overripe papayas. Then you had this gorgeous blue polish but which smelt of loo freshener. To add insult to the injury, they had my favourite scent in there (coconut) but Revlon decided to make a shade of silvery streaky shimmery off white mess. Since when coconut are shimmery? What a waste of potential good polish.


Revlon is back in 2012 with a new collection of scented polishes.This time round, all the polishes all have a jelly glittery finish and are based from fizzy fruity drinks to explain the existence of glitter rather than the fruit itself. Will 'Orange Fizz' smell of Fanta rather than a delicious fresh orange is only one's guess but I am disappointed again. Maybe scented polishes and me are not meant to be. If they are your thing and you want to try them out, they are on offer at Boots and Superdrug whereby you can get 2 polishes for £10 and make a little saving (Usual RRP is £6.49)


To make your time a bit more worthwhile, I wanted to show you some very quick 'swatches' of the two other 2 Revlon polishes I bought last year. I didn't think I would ever write about them: Smoky Canvas and Stormy leave me as cold as the thought of eating a lettuce leaf. But I'd figure I might as well show them you, as there is a special promotion on Revlon products at the moment.

This is Boring Concrete, Smoky Canvas




Both polishes applied easily enough despite a very runny formula. Opacity was achieved in 2 coats which is a good thing as I didn't enjoy applying them. Bottom line the design of the bottle puts me off: There is something so 80s retro about the gold ring on the cap of the bottle.



I mean it's a decent grey but nothing special about it.


I am not doing a good job at writing about products which leave me unimpressed, am I? Let's end the carnage here, shall we?

Let me know if you have purchased some of the new (or old) Revlon polishes. I’d love to hear your thoughts and see your pictures Smile xx


Hollie said...

Revlon Polishes have never really wowed me, I almost bought some of the scented ones today, but more for the novelty than actually liking the shades!
Much more excited by the 2 for £8 on Models Own polishes!

Powdered Almond said...

Pah. I got the peach one last time round because the colour is very cute, but it took four blimmin' coats, took forever to dry and smelt awful! I'll be leaving these on the shelf too. :-( xx

missy_ellie_uk said...

I have Stormy and I really like it actually! It's not the most exciting, you're right, but it's still the sort of colour that I love.

I'm not convinced by scented polishes though, and didn't really like any of the shades either!

Emma said...

I never used to like Revlon polishes all that much but the recent Anniversary polishes are amazing! All the ones I've tried so far (eight) have had amazing formula and coverage. Big improvement on their previous range! xx

Gemma Meredith said...

These actually look like they would be quite pretty, but I totally agree that the thought of a scented nail varnish is just odd!

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