Friday, 24 February 2012

L’Oréal Color Riche – Mini polishes: My entire Collection

The folks at L'Oreal have been working very hard lately. To name but a few products, they have released a bb cream, a concealer set to rival the iconic Touche Eclat, a primer, a mascara with no hint of lashes insert in sight, a lumi magique foundation and and and about 40 mini polishes. I am quite happy with my current primer from Loreal (I have the resurfacing smoothing primer in a pot) but I can see myself weakening at the knees and try the foundation at some point. Today, I want to share with you my impressions on 4 shades of mini polishes, part of this huge line from Loreal called 'Color Riche'.


Each polish contains 5ml of product and you will not be able to help yourself but wondering, from the onset is £4.99 is not a little bit steep for this amount of product, being a high street product and all. However, as soon as you open the bottle, you begin to notice that this is no ordinary mini polish. The brush is delightfully flat and wide which allows for a super speedy coverage. In fact, if you enjoy the actual process of applying nail polish like me, you'll be a little bit disappointed as it goes so quick! I need to warn you: the nail on my index broke, so the pictures are a bit gloomy.

Luxembourg Garden
first caught my eye. It's a gorgeous teal polish which I was looking forward to try as I don't own similar shades in my collection. The coverage was really impressive and needed 2 coats for an opacity I was happy with it. However I was a not fan of the finish: you can definitely read the tell tale signs of my sloppy application and see where the brush strokes have been.



Next, this is Parisian Rooftops. In my head, this was going to be a dupe of Mavala Elle, a gorgeous purple grey. In reality, the polish rendered more grey than I would have liked, and the hint of purple is too faint. The name suits the shade I guess and I can definetely picture some roofs, in Paris or elsewhere sporting that colour. Application was super easy and I achieved the opacity that you see in one coat. Two coats would have given me a more even finish but the bottle is so tiny that I wanted to see if I could get away with one coat. I am disappointed, despite the lovely finish and the decent colour, I am sulking as I wanted a grurple.



Next, comes my favourite shade of them all. Mysterious Icon is an absolutely gorgeous blend of purple, grey and gold shimmer and is to die for. The polish reminds me a little bit from a polish from OPI (it's my year maybe?) but a little dirtier. The best is that only one coat was needed and I really felt it made the £4.99 I had to part to own this polish go a little further. I predict this shade to be a sell out, and I feel I need to restock at the week end before the whole world knows about this fabulous shade.




Last but not least is Beige Countess which disappointed me the most. Nothing wrong with the formula, nor the finish as beige countess applied very easily on my nail. Nothing wrong with the coverage either, it certainly needed two coats but the brush is so handy, it made the application seem like the breeze.


It's the colour I am not a fan of. I love my nude polishes but I am very particular about them also. I feel Beige Countess doesn't go with my skin tone, there's not enough contrast with my skin tone and I can't wear it. This will explain why I only applied the polish on 2 nails only. No point wasting a nail polish when I know straight away it's not going to work. I was hoping Beige Countess was going to be a mini Nails Inc London. What a shame. Never mind.





Overall, this is a lovely collection. Even though the polishes cost more than I would have liked to pay for them (£4.99 each), I feel they are very good quality and they really excel themselves with the brush. Now would be a perfect time to get your hands on them as there is a 3 for 2 offer on all the polishes (and other make up items from the L'Oreal Color Riche) at Boots and Superdrug. If you're only going to purchase one shade, make the mysterious icon be yours.      

Please, please please, if you have yourself tried any of the polishes from the Loreal Riche collection, let me know in the comments below: I would love to hear about it and see your pics.  xx


Ana said...

Gosh, your nails are so well-groomed, which is visible in the pic with them bare.

Go you for taking care of them :) !

Sirvinya said...

Ooooh, I shall make a trip to Boots tomorrow! I really like Luxemburg Garden and Parisian Rooftops as well :)

Pandora said...

I picked up two of these in Brussels, I will post swatches soon but you can see which ones I went for here:

I have to say that I actually think the Beige Countess looks good on you!

Nic, Strawberry Blonde said...

Agree about the condition of yr nails liloo - what do you do / use to maintain them?

Fab pics & swatches, love the rooftops & Beige.

Nic x

ihavemostlybeen said...

Hi hun, have done 2 or 3 posts on these - am loving them, back to Boots for more today! Love Beige Countess on me, but its def a skin tone thing! Have Blue Reef, Rebel Blue, Plum Addiction so far! x

Sophie said...

Mysterious Icon s stunning!

Meeta said...

I did get rather excited seeing these when I went into Superdrug last week, they have some fabulous shades and I like the dinky bottles. Luxembourg Garden reminds me of Chanel's Black Pearl, wonder how similar they are?

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Mysterious icon really is beautiful! Weirdly, like Beige Countess, but doubt it would work with my skintone either.

Kim said...

I love Luxembourg Garden but my absolute favourite is Mysterious Icon - definitely hotfooting it down to Superdrug this week! xx

Ashley Monroe said...

The colors are nice. I find this excellent review. Thanks.

Ashley of Grow Eyelashes

Sunnivah said...

Salut Liloo,
puisque tu es née à La Réunion, je suppose que tu parles francais :-)
Je viens juste d'acheter ce vernis et j'ai l'impression que pas grand monde l'a déjà essayé.
Je ne suis pas complètement convaincu par celui-là mais j'ai aussi écrit là-dessus: mon post va être publié lundi prochain...
J'ai fait un link qui mène sur ton blog..

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