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Guest Bloggers Wanted: Mascara Special

Being a massive fan of false lashes and trying to avoid mascara when I wear falsies, I have accumulated a fair amount of new mascaras which I have not been using. This is a waste, when one of you my readers could try if for free. I have 6 brand new mascaras, never been opened, never been swatched/tried and I am looking for 3 beauty bloggers who would be happy to try them for free, in exchange of a guest blog post on my blog.  Anybody can put themselves forward (it doesn't matter where in the world you live) all you need is to have a blog, and to be happy to write a guest blog post to appear on my blog.

Interested? I am looking for 3 bloggers and each blogger will be sent 2 mascaras. Let me know which ones you would prefer to try, or which ones you have already tried and not interested in. I will be closing this post on Thursday so if you could let me know by Wednesday, 14 March, midnight, that's would be awesome possum :)

The mascaras are:



1. VaVaVoom (Boots 17 Cosmetics)
Volume Million Lashes Luminizer for Hazel Eyes (L'Oreal)
Lash-Fx (BeautyUK)
Exceptional Definition (Boots no.7)
Lash Mania (Essence)
Wild Curls (Boots 17 Cosmetics)

So, if you are interested, let me know, in the comments below,
by Wednesday, 14 March, 2012 23:59 GMT:

- Your name
- The name and address of your blog
- Email address
- Your country
- The 2 mascaras of your choice, or the ones you've already tried and don't need
- Link to a mascara review you've already done (totally optional)

I am looking for a honest review. I am not representing any brand and not affiliated with any of the brands, so if the mascaras is doing anything for your lashes, then you must feel free to say so, ok? The mascaras have either been bought by myself, won at giveaways, or gifted.

Yay Smile


Faye Kent said...

I'd be interested. I'd love to try million lashes in particular :)

Faye Kent said...

My name is faye.
Blog name is all these pretty things and url is

Sophie said...

Melovemakeup :
I would love to help out, and I'd most like to try the Lash Mania and the No 7 mascara :)

Karrisx said...

Hey Liloo :)

I would be happy to guest review mascara. My blog is and my email is, and I am from Scotland.

I only use cruelty free products, so I couldnt use the l'oreal but would happily try the Boots number 7 exceptional definition and the Boots 17 wild curls xxx

Jade. said...

I'd love to try va va voom and million lashes but to be honest I don't mind I have a thing for mascara!!

My blog is


I do have some mascara posts but I will link you to them via twitter as I'm on my phone at the mo

Love Toot Toot

Lauren said...

Hey Liloo, I'd love to guest blog for you! My blog is Budget Beauty Queen and the address is I'm in the uk and my email is

I haven't tried any of the mascaras listed. I'd love to try the Essence one as its a brand I can't get in England and as I've not had great experiences with other no7 mascaras I would be interested to see if the exceptional definition is any better!

Lauren xx

Aniqah said...

Hi Liloo. My name is Aniqah and my blog is and laugh at guilded butterflies which I started at the end of last year. My email address is
I live in England, and would love to help you out with your mascara post - especially the Va Va Voom, Luminizer or Wild Curls. I love big fat bristle brushes, but wouldn't mind giving a plastic brush a go!
Aniqah x

Kerri_Jane said...

My name is Kerri
my email is
my blog is little pretty things
I live in england and have tried any of these mascaras so any you send me I would gladly review,
and here is my own mascara post,

BlightedBeauty said...

Hello :-)

BlightedBeauty :-)

I love mascaras too, they're my staple item! Haha, I've actually not tried any of those, so if I were to do the review then I'd happily have any of them :-)

Here is a link to a mascara comparison I did, Maybelline Colossal and Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes:


BlightedBeauty said...
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BlightedBeauty said...

Oops. My email address is and I'm from the UK :)


Aneka said...

This sounds like an amazing idea! I'm really interested :)

- Name: Aneka

- Lipstick rosepetals:


- Country: Scotland

- '17 Wild Curls' and 'No.7 Exceptional Definition'

- I haven't done a mascara review by itself but I kind of reviewed MAC's Haute and Naughty as part of my February Favourites last year

:) xo

Floam said...

Name: Ruth/Floam
Blog: Floamia
Country: England
I would prefer not to be sent the L'Oreal one if you choose me, because they go against personal ethics I have :)
Review link: (Written as a guest post on Get Lippie)

Ashleigh said...

- Your name: Ashleigh
- The name and address of your blog:
- Email address: ashleighstpierre[at]gmail[dot]com
- Your country: the USofA
- The 2 mascaras of your choice, or the ones you've already tried and don't need: VaVaVoom and LashFx would be fun (especially since we can't get them here)

i'd love to do a guest postie for you!

Fleurs-de-Lisa said...

Hi Liloo,

This is the first time I've happened upon your blog, so, it's nice to meet you.

I am currently looking for a new Holy Grail mascara, so I've been doing some testing on my own. I would be interested in testing two of your mascaras.

Here is the information you requested:

- Your name: Lisa Neff
- The name and address of your blog: Fleurs-de-Lisa/
- The 2 mascaras of your choice, or the ones you've already tried and don't need: Volume Million Lashes Luminizer (because my eyes are hazel) and any of the other five is fine with me :-)
- Link to a mascara review you've already done (totally optional): I haven't done a guest post on mascara before, but here are links to guest posts I *have* done:


Hope I get a chance to guest review for you!

Rebecca.Ann said...

Hi Liloo,
how lovely of you to offer someone else to try these.
I haven't tried any of the ones you have to offer so I wouldn't mind trying any of them. I do have brown eyes though if you are left with the Millionize one.

- Rebecca
- Rebecca's 3 R's
- United Kingdom
- As I said above I really don't mind :)
- There is a bit of a mascara review here:

Thank you xx

WhatLauraLoves said...

Hi honey, what a great opportunity!!

My name is Laura and my blog is WhatLauraLoves There's actually a mascara review up there now.

My email address is and I'm from England.

The two mascaras I'd love to try are L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes for hazel eyes as I have hazel eyes and either of the 17 cosmetics mascaras as I've heard good reviews about both of those mascaras.

The link to the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara that I've recently done is:

Hope you've had a good weekend.

Laura xxx

Karen said...

Hi Liloo,

I would like to help out. I'm now in New Zealand.

My blog:

Twitter @balmainbeauty

I'd like to review the L'Oreal Million Lashes and the No. 7 Mascaras, or whichever you have left I'm not too picky.

Let me know if I can help.

balmainbeauty at gmail dot com

Lisahh-Jayne said...

Hi :)
I'd love to take part.
My names Lisa
My blog name is Lisahh-Jayne (
I live in England
my email is
I'd love to try out the VaVaVoom (Boots 17 Cosmetics) and the Wild Curls (Boots 17 Cosmetics).
Previous mascara reviews on my blog have been like this -

Thanks :) xxx

Jennifer said...

Hi Liloo, I'd like to take part
My name is Jennifer
My blog is The Makeup Journal
I live in England
I don't like to use L'Oreal and I have already tested the No 7 one. I'm interested in the Wild Curls and Va Va Voom because they look like they have completely different brushes.
Here is a mascara review I have done on my blog

GretalRabbit said...

Hi, I'd love the opportunity to write a guest post for you! I'm Louise, a UK blogger at and my email is :)

I have the 17 Va Va Voom mascara (I have a review here: and I have blue eyes so the Volume Million Lashes wouldn't be ideal for me- I'd love to try any of the other 4 mascaras.



Beth said...

Glitter and Sin.
England, United Kingdom
I would like to try the Volume Million Lashes, and the No 7 Exception Definition, please!
A review I wrote about a month ago, surrounding the release of Collection 2000's new mascara -
Thanks for the opportunity! (:

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