Saturday, 10 March 2012

MUA – Glamour Night Palette

If I am not careful, this blog is turning more into like what makeup I would like to indulge into rather than makeup I actually bought and can share my impressions with you on. The truth is that money is a bit tight at the moment and while I have heaps and heaps of 'old' makeup to review, these take time and natural sunlight to be photographed at their best. I am working on this gorgeous beautyuk cosmetics new
nail polish collection which I am dying to share with you but the sunrays are missing and the flash of my camera cannot cope with chrome and foil polishes.

Lame apologies aside, I wanted to share with you some swatches of 'Glamour Nights' a gorgeous eyeshadow palette designed by MUA Cosmetics. This palette is usually £4 but I managed to find it in a blog sale at half price. I had vowed myself to stop buying shimmery eyeshadows as I don't like wearing eyeshadow in the crease of my eye and beyond, but here am I with yet another mainly shimmery eyeshadow palette. I couldn't resist, the colours are too pretty.



We'll start with the positives: The shimmery shades are absolutely gorgeous. Minus the silver which produces a lot of fall out, the shimmery shades offer very good pigmentation and are easy to work with.


The matte shades however are very disappointing. The white (first from the left, top row) barely shows but then again, I am not too bothered. Sleek Makeup is not capable either at making a decent white and nyx white answers to all my white needs. The browny grey (5th colour from the left, top row) which was the colour I was looking forward the most to play with is nowhere near satisfactory in terms of pigmentation. No problem with the matte black (first shadow, bottom row) however the 4th and final matte eyeshadow of this palette, the matte purple (4th shadow from the left, bottom row) is really not happening: patchy, patchy, patchy and patchy. What a shame.



Matte lovers, this palette is not for you. Shimmery Lovers, eat your heart out, you really can't go wrong with so many shades for £4.


Sidrah!!!! said...

I wish MUA would come out with an all matte palette! I never wear all shimmery shades.

Gemma Meredith said...

I can't get enough of my heaven and eart MUA palette, it's made me really want to by some more :)

Perdita said...

I struggle to find silvers and whites, too.

I love a bit of shimmer and will check these out next time I'm in Superdrug!

emalyce89 said...

I really like that pinkish-red color--I think it's a gorgeous shade, although it wouldn't be a color I'd go to that often. Since there is so much hype built up about the Sleek palettes and MUA palettes, I won't be too bothered that it isn't really available where I live! =)

spittingglitter said...

Oooh this is niiiiiiice! Such good value! I think i probably already have dupes for most of these colours, but if I didn't I would be on it!! :) x

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