Friday, 16 March 2012

Here come the gems…

Look at them, standing next to each other, like angels with a halo over their tops. I am happy to present to you the Gemstone Collection, the latest Special Effects Nail Polishes from BeautyUK. To complement the foils of the Olympics, BeautyUK launched 6 delicate pastel shades, all with a metalized pearl finish to give you glorious and shimmery nails. From left to right, these are Amethyst, Elfstone, Moonstone, Silmaril, Topaz and Sunstone.


Where are my swatches, will you ask? Like their Olympics sisters, the Gemstone polishes are extremely light reflecting. Capture them with the flash of a standard point and shoot camera, and they will wash away. Capture them indoor with no flash, and you lose the depth of the glittery effect. I need the sun basically, and I have been needing it last Thursday, when I stole all its rays to capture Olympic Bronze. These polishes are so stunning that I refuse to do a half hearted slap dash job in the confines of my poorly lit poxy flat.



So please bear with me, as for now, my hands are tied and I am only able show you these 'teaser' pictures. Like the Olympic Collection, the Special Effects Gemstone Posh Polishes are available from the
website, at the bargain price of £3.49 and are soon to be released in your local Superdrug. 



Ms Bubu said...

THey look really pretty, I like the coloured ones :)

Powdered Almond said...

Squee, so excited to try these! Can't wait to see swatches - the Olympic Collection ones look so lovely (seriously, that bronze is ONE coat?) Looking forward to the blue! x

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