Sunday, 29 April 2012

And the winners are … {Barry M & Benefit Giveaways}

Where did the week go? What took me so long in deciding the winner? I am really sorry about the delay and I hope the little surprise will help cushion the wait nicely. I was genuinely overwhelmed by the amount of interest you had on the Barry aime Bold giveaway and I really didn't think it was going to be so popular. 


So without further ado, The gods at have spoken and I can now reveal that the winner of the 3 items from the Barry aime Bold giveaway is:

Just Me Leah.

Leah: I will be writing to you to confirm about the colour. It took me so long to decide the winners and I wouldn't want to buy you a colour you might have already bought this week or whatever.

WAIT, IT'S NOT OVER YET. Wait before you click away Smile

On the day the giveaway closed, something magical happened. I happened to reach a certain milestone. It's regarding a certain GFC connect subscription box. I know it's only one of the many ways readers can use to follow a blog and I shouldn't be bogged on numbers but it made me happy to reach a certain number. So I decided to draw 2 additional winners, who will be also getting their barry bold eyeliner of their choice. Again, I will be getting in touch with you to confirm your choice of colour, in case you changed your mind or whatever xx

So the 2 additional bonus winners are:
Hazy Fairyland.

And finally the Benefit skincare samples, relating to my skincare review will be going to:



I am always so excited to run giveaways, but it also pains me that you can't be all winners. Sad smile  This is not over and watch this space for another giveaway very soon, and sooner than you think.
I am actually in the process of preparing the next one now. Woop.

credit: gorgeous top photo needs to be attributed to Lauren Glossary, whose photography amazes me everytime.
This particular
photo was taken from her post about a special day for her friend.


Just me, Leah said...

Ooh, thank you! I've emailed you about the colour. Super excited to receive it, and I'll probably buy the other colours too, knowing me xx

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