Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gold by Giles Nailwear - My entire collection swatched

If your New Look store is anything like mine, they will have stopped stocking Stargazer Polishes. Fear not as there is a new brand on the block taking the relay offering a wide range of makeup products at a competitive price: It's called Gold by Giles, created by British Designer Giles Deacon, yes, the same one who designed the fabulous statement legwear.

gold by giles nail polish review new look

Today, I am excited to share with you my impressions and pictures of a selection of nail polishes which I believe will hit the stores on 21st April. The bottles reminded straight away of Nars polishes and I couldn't wait to try them on. Despite a formula which was a tiny bit thicker to what I am used to, I found the Gold by Giles polishes super easy to apply and necessitated no clean up. Let's have a look at some pictures, shall we?








Coverage wise, the bright orange and baby blue required 3 coats for full opacity. I was ready to go out for the door with 2 coats with the plum purple, turquoise and brown. The bright neon pink is shown here with only 2 coats. Three coats would have made the white line of my nail totally imperceptible but I really don't mind it like that. The medal of honour goes to the lavender polish, which you can see here with just one coat.

My favourite polish? It will have to be the bright neon pink as I don't own any other polish like it. I have a soft spot for the baby blue also, but that might because of the gorgeous contrast of the gold lettering against the bottle, which reminds me of Greece for some reason and the sun bursting on my polish, giving it an amazing shine. I believe there are 12 polishes in the total, but you will have to pop down to your New Look shop to check them out. Have I mentioned that the polishes are £2.99 each? Yeah baby Smile

The Gold by Giles range is huge, they do eyeshadows, lip glosses, FALSE EYELASHES *screams*. My blogging and twitter friend Caroline was invited to the Press Event and has got some photos for you

What: Gold by Giles, Nail Polishes
How much: £2.99
Where: Selected New Look Stores nationwide and online.
Disclosure: Polishes were sent for review purposes.
Credit: Top Picture was sourced here.


Strawberry Blonde said...

Also love the pink & blue - gorgeous!
Nic x

Ria said...

These look lovely, I've heard bad things about this release but these looks really nice.

Ria x

Katie at www.ladyfromatramp.co.uk said...

Ooo they must be out already as my local branch hand a large selection of shades in stock but I didn't get a chance to look at them as I was paying.

Jesss said...

These look beautiful, I think I need them all!!

xmisslorix said...

You must have six billion nail polishes-!! I love that minty blue one :-)

Powdered Almond said...

The brown looks a little like China Glaze's Ingrid - it's the only one that's immediately appealing to me but your pics are so pretty I will still go and take a look at these. Actually the purple is nice. I don't really like blue purples but that looks berry enough for me to like it! :-) x

Sue said...

Man, I love the minty color

Big Fashionista said...

Ooooooh Liloo I love all of these. J'adore

DawnieP said...

Im a big fan of Gold I have about 3 polishes and I really love the colours!



Emma said...

Oh wow, these look gorgeous!! My favourites are the pink, the baby blue and the mint green, all look incredible with your skin tone *jealousy* and, £2.99?! What could possibly be better! :D xx

madamegourmand.com said...

Love every one of these colours! Just beautiful

Perdita said...

The pale blue and green are EXACTLY what I have been looking for and I like a thick formulation... I am SO hitting my local Newlook asap.

Kemcaflipflops said...

That Green! That Brown.. Oh and the orange!! Delicious like Smarties, I will definitely need to get ALL of these ( at least it's not too much to save)
Your nails look a great length just now, I've just ripped 2 of mine below the quick in the supermarket

Kirsten x

Gemma Meredith said...

That one coat is amazing! I'm always skeptical trying out brands that aren't talked about much, but after seeing these pictures I think I'll definetley pick them up!

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