Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kimodot Nails

At long last, and very late to the party, I managed to get my hands on a bottle of Look Beauty Nail Pop Kimono nail polish. My fascination with this polish started about roughly 6 months ago when beauty bloggers celebrated its similarity to Chanel Péridot nail polish. I don't own Chanel Péridot, I can't tell you how similar Kimono is to Péridot. What I can tell you is that Kimono costs 4 times less, retails at £5 and that I don't own any other nail polish like it.


Application of kimono was a walk in a park on a sunny day. It glided very easily on my nails, gave me opacity in 2 coats, dried quite fast, with no bubbles, no patches, no streaks: just pure delight. But it was its unique colour effects which blew me away. I expected a true duo chrome, where I would see at all times, a heart of bright green shining in a sea of antique gold, depending on what kind of lighting would hit my nails. Instead I was greeted with a colour changing polish: One distinct colour under the shade, and another distinct one in the brightest environments, with the best colour around 5.30pm - 6pm, when the sun starts to go down

Other than the fear of a streaky polish (one of my biggest pet peeves in nail polish) I was scared that Kimono would be very similarly disappointing as Chanel Paradoxal, where the most interesting colour (the elusive flashes of purple) would only be visible on the first day, on freshly applied polish, and under bright light, and that most of the time, the polish would be dull and grey. None of that happened with Kimono. Put under bright light and in bright sunshine Kimono wears a antique gold/bronze suit. Indoors and in most typical cloudy/low light situations, the polish would be bright yellow/green which really suits me as it is the bright green colour which I like the most in this polish.



The colour changes so dramatically according to the lighting that one of my friends thought I was tricking her and had changed nail polish twice on the same day. One drawback to Kimono is trying to capture its special effects on photos and I can only hope you can get a glimpse of its beauty and of its potential on your nails.



Before purchasing this polish, I also heard many people commenting on the disappointing durability of the polish. I am not sure if this due to my base coat (more on that in another post) but I only started to have visible tip wear on day 3. Day 4 the tip wear became too noticeable for my liking and I just needed to take it off, but i still didn’t have any proper chip. 3-4 days of durability is more than enough for me, as I am usually bored of a polish after day 2.


I guess, all I have been trying to say after this avalanche of words and photos is that I have absolutely fallen head over heels with Kimono.  I own no other polish like it and it's worth every penny of its 500 cost.

What: Look Beauty, Nail Pop Polish, in shade Kimono
How much: £5.00
Where: extremely limited amount of Superdrug stores. Your best bet is the online store really
Disclosure: totally bought it with my own money

Want to see more? I have made a montage of all the polishes from the vast collection here (about 40 polishes!)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful colour! It's a must have colour and such a good value item too.

socialitedreams said...

wow, it's soooooo pretty! WANT

Glowstars said...

I tend to ignore non-nail addicts' comments on durability because so many people don't bother with top or base, let alone a decent one. Makes me want to shout 'hey peeps, you can get Seche from Boots!'.

jaljen said...

Yeah, baby!
You should TM 'Kimodot' - it's a great name!

Emma said...

Oh gosh this is sooooo pretty! It looks a little bit different from Peridot (better), the best cheapie dupe I know of is Hidden Treasure by Topshop. This is way better though, argh I wish Look beauty was sold in my Superdrug! I love the vividness of the green, absolutely stunning. Another one to add to my wishlist! What basecoat do you use? :) xxx

Emma said...

This one blows Peridot out of the window! Can't stop looking at the lovely photos!! xx

liloo said...

thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments :)
emma: I use opi natural base coat (designer series, silver cap) DST01. Dries matte, costs a little fortune but I love it. xx

Hannah Adams said...

Absolutely LOVE that colour. Gorgeous :)

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Haha, when I saw this in store I was like, 'I wonder if Liloo has this yet?' because I just knew you'd love it!

Gemma Meredith said...

I think I will pick this up when I next go into the city :) It's really pretty

Powdered Almond said...

Oooh it's so pretty, seems to have more green than the Chanel and OPI - looks lizardy. Like it. x

Sue said...

Ooo I like!

Emma said...

Oh wow, that must be a fortune, but I am now tempted to hunt it down from eBay and try it out!! xx

Kas said...

Wow that is stunning!!!

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