Saturday, 14 April 2012

New Offerings from Sleek Makeup: Eau la la collection

Sleek Makeup has just released a few days ago a wide range of multi purpose waterproof pencils appropriately called 'Eau la la' liners. The name is a cute play on words on the famous expression French 'oh la la' and the french word for water 'eau'. After having seen them first on British Beauty Blogger, and know about their mouth watering price (only £3.99) I just couldn't wait for their release.


They say:
Highly pigmented with a unique waterproof formulation, Eau La La are the ultimate in liner luxury. Enriched with a soft, creamy formulation, Eau La La are perfect for use on the eyes, lips, brows and body. Smudge proof, multi-purpose pencils in 20 show-stopping colours

Let's have a look at the colours then. Please do not be put off by the montage done below. This was made from the pictures from the website and most probably not very true to colour.



The colours are gorgeous but I can't help but being a little bit disappointed. I wanted to see a bright lime green in there. A bright purple would have been welcome also, but I guess the darkness of 'raisin' is more wearable. Must have shades for me, from looking at the pictures above: venom, which seems to be bright fuchsia, white out (i am a massive fan of white eye pencils) and bullion which I hope will be a nice gold.

I live nowhere near a Superdrug selling Sleek Makeup so I am unable to show swatches of what I would have bought but have a look at the pretty swatches from my blogging friends.

  • Jane, from BritishBeautyBlogger loved the yellow, orange and red from the collection (I assume the yellow one is canary, which looks so much better than the shocking neon yellow from the stock picture.
  • Becky, from Sirvinya was impressed by the smudgeproof aspect of noir and tonic.
  • Adrienne teased us till no end, breaking up her sleek post, and offering us bullionnutcracker and tonic in three instalments.
  • Get Gawjus puts the multi purpose claim of moulin rouge, cobalt blue and white noise to the test.

What: Sleek Eau la la liners
Where: SleekMakeup online store and selected superdrug stores.
How much: £3.99. Yeah man Smile

What do you think of the Sleek Eau La la collection?
Any shades have picked your curiosity?


Grace London said...

Oh, I need the red one. I love red eyeliner.

Liz Dean said...

I agree, if they are doing a bright yellow, a lime green wouldn't have been too out there. Or to be fair, any green at all.

Powdered Almond said...

Great post Liloo - thanks for the links, I had missed a couple of these posts so can now catch up. I want the oranges and pinks so much! x

Kavey said...

I like the colour of that Tonic one.

Sparklz and Shine said...

I was really looking forward to these and hurried down to Superdrug, when it came to it though, I only bought Cobalt Blue. I was tempted by more, but my purse has shrunk considerably and I know full well how many Illamasqua pencils I've acquired over the last few years. Kept my temptation to overspend at bay. x

Sirvinya said...

I completely forgot to look for these today and I was near a Superdrug :(

MillyCupcake said...

ooooh these look good,
I love my urban decay liners, but maybe these could live up to them and be a bit cheaper??
We shall wait and see!


Gemma Meredith said...

I'm really looking forward to these but I'm spoilt for choice on what colour to pick! They're all so pretty :)

Lizzums - BeneBelle said...

Wanted to get these but spoke to Sleek as the stand in Bhams store is horrible and my local store doesn't sell Sleek. Shame because these look ace!

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